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Tylson's Retail Flywheel: Jumps 67% in Best Sellers Rank, Boosts Total Sales From 0 to $998 with Google Ads and Ampd

“It’s clear that Google Ads had a significant impact on my product launch. Even though the reported ACOS from Amazon attribution was very high, the biggest impact Google Ads had on my product was perpetuating the retail flywheel and helping get more visibility to my product page. My listing was active for 90 days without a sale. Only after using Google Ads with Ampd did sales start to come in.” - Mike - CEO

The  Backstory:

Tylson is a small business that creates a range of unique and enjoyable products available for purchase on Amazon. One of their products recently underwent a product launch, but unfortunately, it was buried on page 7 of Amazon's search results, resulting in a lack of traffic to the product page. Amazon's advertising policies restricted them from promoting the product through Amazon Ads, leaving them with inventory and a listing but no customers. After 90 days of inactivity, they decided to give Google Ads a try, and the results were astonishing—sales began pouring in.


Partnering with Ampd, Tylson harnessed advanced technology to seamlessly merge Google Ads data with Amazon Sales data, within the Ampd platform. Through Ampd's user-friendly interface, they optimized campaigns using valuable insights on Google keywords that led to sales on Amazon, all while closely monitoring the impact this external traffic had on organic sales.


This Product Performance by Channel report in Ampd reveals how Google Ads (red line) started bringing in potential customers which immediately led to organic revenue (green line) and Total Revenue (black line) increasing significantly. 

Product Performance $0 to $998

Although the direct revenue as reported by Amazon Attribution was pretty low, Google Ads proved to be the key driver of traffic to their listing. As customers engaged with the product on Amazon, its ranking increased, kickstarting the retail flywheel and resulting in a big lift in Total and Organic Sales on Amazon.

This incredible product skyrocketed by 50% in its ranking, going from being below 100 on the Amazon Search term "Golf towels" to an impressive top 50 position.

Organic Search Term Performance Results

Tylson saw an incredible surge in their Best Sellers Rank on Amazon in the golf towels category, soaring by 67% from a position beyond the top 600 to a remarkable placement within the top 200.

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