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Google Ads with Ampd: Omnichannel Marketing on Amazon and Improved TACoS

“For us, Ampd and Google Ads is all about filling the middle of our funnel and nurturing that new potential customer through the purchase decision and reselling post purchase. This strategy allows us to drive profitable growth and Amazon rank overtime.” - Matt Mazur, Co-founder

The  Backstory:

Freshfield had established a thriving brand on Amazon and aimed to extend their reach beyond Amazon PPC to attract potential customers and fill their sales funnel. Recognizing the potential of obtaining more high-quality leads, they sought to nurture these prospects until they converted into loyal customers for their products.

Full Funnel Marketing:

Freshfield approaches their marketing initiatives through the lens of full funnel marketing they know they need to engage their customers with multiple touch points throughout the buying journey. Here is how they do it:

Fill the funnel: By advertising on product specific, buying intent searches on Google Ads.

Retargeting with DSP: By bringing high-intent customers to their products on Amazon, Freshfield is then able to retarget those potential customers with DSP ads to stay top of mind throughout the customer's buying process.

Nurture leads with “abandon cart” emails: By leveraging Amazon’s Brand Tailored Promotions, Freshfield is able to use Google Ads to drive Add to Carts and then send discount incentives to anyone who abandoned cart (added to cart but did not complete purchase). This nurture initiative helps get customers from Google over the fence, increasing the profitability of the Google Ad campaigns.

Life Time Value (LTV): Freshfield knows Google Ads usually generates New to Brand customers and knowing their products have an LTV, they think about the ACOS of Google Ads (that Ampd reveals) through the lens of Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). This means they can focus on driving volume from Google.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): Because their products generate repeat purchases, Freshfield is more aggressive on their CPA as they know that new customers will come back and buy more, making the Google Ad campaigns even more profitable over time.

Nurturing Customers: With New to Brand customers coming in from Google, Freshfield again leverages Amazon’s Brand Tailored Promotions, to reengage their customers and send targeted emails to these customers to encourage a rebuy of the product and cross-selling other products. This generates more sales and revenue, increasing the LTV and profitability of the New to Brand customers.

Ranking: As Freshfield is able to

  1. Fill their funnel with Google Ads
  2. Retarget with DSP
  3. Nurture with abandon cart emails
  4. Drive sales volume knowing their LTV
  5. Be more aggressive with their CPA on Google Ads, driving profitable growth even with a higher ACOS than Amazon Ads
  6. Nurture customers with rebuy and cross-sell discounts

They are able to drive more sales and spin the retail flywheel, driving Amazon Rank with their full funnel Google Ads strategy with Ampd.


Partnering with Ampd, Freshfield harnessed advanced technology to connect Google Ads data with Amazon Sales data. Through Ampd's user-friendly interface, they optimized campaigns using valuable insights on Google keywords that drive high-quality customers to Amazon. 


Additionally, the integration of Google Ads and engaging the customers during their buying journey, creating product/brand awareness, and bringing them into the Sales funnel resulted in an increase in efficient revenue as seen below in this Ampd report.

This Product Performance by Channel report in Ampd reveals how Google Ads revenue (red line) and Amazon Ads revenue (yellow line) work together to engage potential customers and drive organic revenue (green line) and Total Revenue (black line) over time.

Freshfield Product Performance by Channel

As revenue increases, Ampd also highlights an improvement in Total aCos (Amazon Ads + Google Ad cost), indicating an overall improvement in efficiency attributed to the full funnel marketing strategy.

Freshfield TACoS 25% Result in Graph


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