Ampd Intelligence®: A New Dimension in Performance

Ampd Intelligence® fully creates, automates, and scales your Google Ads to Amazon campaigns with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Amplify Google to Amazon advertising using the power of AI

Ampd Intelligence® significantly enhances the performance of Google advertising management by introducing a suite of products developed for efficiency, precision, and optimization.

Ampd Create®

Let Ampd do the hard work for you. Intelligently guided keyword selection and automated campaign creation that launches campaigns with higher quality scores, lower ad costs, and better ad placements.


Ampd Protect®

Ampd Protect® constantly analyzes data including budgets, conversion rates, and ROI performance to make instant optimizations. This ensures that the budget is allocated to the most effective keywords and ads.


Ampd Predictive Bid-Manager®

Set your goals toward profitability or growth and let Ampd automatically optimize ad spend by adjusting bids based on historical data and conversion probabilities.


Intelligent Analysis

 Ampd Intelligence® processes large volumes of data and provides actionable insights. It uncovers patterns and trends in search advertising performance that may not be immediately apparent through manual analysis. 

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Unlock Scalability

Ampd Intelligence® streamlines Google Ads campaign management while making it more efficient and effective. Scale your campaigns up or down as needed, reach a wider audience, and achieve better results while minimizing the manual labor required for campaign expansion. 

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AI-Driven Ad Management

Ampd Intelligence® enables advertisers to make data-driven decisions, optimize their ad spend, and ultimately achieve better results. Brands and agencies are equipped to create more customers, more incremental revenue and more profit contribution 

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Effectively Achieve Goals


Mid-funnel targeting

Focus advertising efforts on high intent customers who are actively searching for specific information or solutions. This leads to lower PPC and higher CTR.


Increase Incremental Revenue

Increase incremental revenue and market share by adding new-to-brand customers through mid-funnel targeting on Google Ads.


Enable Advanced Strategies

Ampd Intelligence® lowers advertising costs, increasing conversions, growing your customer base, building and protecting the brand, and offering a demand-side program (DSP) alternative, as well as buy box protection.

Guided Support

Ampd is committed to supporting our customers through their journey with Ampd Intelligence. Our Google Strategists are prepared to guide brands and agencies to use and become experts on Google Ads with Ampd Intelligence. 

In addition, Ampd provides Ampd University for a self guided tour of Google Advertising and how to maximize your results with Ampd.  

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