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Ampd & Momentum Commerce Work Together To Scale Google Ads to Amazon For Therabody

And were able to increase their market share for Amazon related searches, resulting in an increased click rate of 326%.

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Amazon Brand

Comfort-Living Brand Uses Ampd to Boost Total Amazon Sales

By implementing an omnichannel marketing strategy, this brand was able to increase exposure past Amazon PPC, and saw an increase in their total orders by 290%.

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Amazon Brand

44% vs 82%: Ampd Reduced this Brand's ACOS in 30 Days

This Amazon brand started using Ampd to send external traffic directly to their Product listing. After 30 days they saw an ACOS of around 100%.

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Amazon Brand

The Ubiquitous Company's ACOS Success Story with Ampd: From 63% to 27% in 45 Days

The Ubiquitous Company was never able to make Google Ads profitable...then they started using Ampd.

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Amazon Brand

Spatula Set Sees 31% Improved ACOS in 10 Minutes with Ampd

Spatula Set Sees a 31% ACOS Using Ampd Automated Google Ads factoring in Amazon’s 10% Brand Referral Bonus.

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Amazon Brand

Ampd Pro improved AV Brands' ACOS from 1,975% to 40% in 3 months

AV Brands was looking for a way to drive new customers from a new marketing channel in order to grow their brand and increase rank on Amazon.

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Amazon Brand

From 103% to 60%: How Ampd Pro Lowered Down Harmony Code's ACOS

Harmony Code was looking for a way to manage their Amazon rank and find new customers to continue growing their brand.

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From Java Planet to Top of Amazon: How Ampd Increased Total Sales Beyond ACOS

Java Planet Coffee heard Amazon values external traffic up to 30% more than internal Amazon traffic and saw that sending high intent search traffic from beyond the walls of Amazon could help boost their Amazon rank to drive overall sales.

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