Ampd Partners

When using Ampd, you may qualify for incredible benefits with our partners.

Earn up to $500 in Google Ad Credits 

With our Premier Partnership with Google, you can receive up to $500 Google ad credit when creating your first Google Ads account inside of Ampd.
  • Simply create an Ampd account and follow Ampd's walk through on creating your first Google Ads Account.
  • Then in your first 60 days when you spend $500, you will qualify for up to a $500 ad credit. That could be over 2,000 potential customers landing on your product listing for only $500.
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Amazon Partnership

Ampd Ads is the only solution in the world that automates driving Google Ads traffic to Amazon in order to manage your Amazon rank and boost your sales.

As Amazon's premier attribution partner, they featured us on an Amazon hosted webinar and you can find us in their partner directory here.