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Accelerate your Revenue Growth with External Traffic

Is 2022 the year you finally figure out how to profitably leverage external traffic to accelerate revenue growth for your Brands?

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Tap into the 8.5 billion search per day on Google to find new customers and take your brands to the next level with Google Ads.

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Price Discounts

Why self-teach and make mistakes when you can learn from the experts while also unlocking price discounts?

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Sign up for Ampd’s Aggregator Accelerator and get the most out of your external traffic investment with a private 3-month accelerator on leveraging Google Ads for Amazon Sellers.

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Unlock discounts up to 20%

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Four 1:1 calls with an Ampd expert

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Leverage our experience to drive more revenue, faster

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Better ROI

Aggregators who are in the accelerator see 4-5x better Return on Investment on Google Ads.

Why Google Ads?

check mark bullet  Increase monthly revenue (new channel of customers)

check mark bullet  10% Brand Referral Bonus - are you getting your Bonus?

check mark bullet  Maximize Amazon’s preference for external traffic

check mark bullet  Rank management with external traffic

Why Ampd?

check mark bullet  Amazon’s Premier Attribution Partner

check mark bullet  Automated full Amazon Attribution with keyword level data

check mark bullet  Up to $500 Google Ad credit for each brand

check mark bullet  Google’s impact on your Amazon sales, together in one view


Test Ampd on a minimum of 3 brands. 10% discount activated upon completion of our 3-month accelerator and maintaining a minimum of 5 active accounts. 15% after 15 active accounts and 20% after 20 active accounts. Not applicable to Ampd Pro accounts.

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