Strengthening the link between Google and Amazon in your digital advertising wheelhouse is critical to stay competitive. While some shoppers go directly to their retailer of choice, research has found that 46% of online product searches start with Google. In fact, over the 2024 holiday season, 87% of shoppers used Google to help with their selections.

Our report, Advertising Trends in the Pet Category, explores the new frontier of retail marketing and how pet retailers and brands can optimize their campaigns based on these insights.

What’s in the Report?

Ampd has collated and analyzed Google Ads campaigns launched in the Pet category in 2023. In this report, we’ll review the highlights of these campaigns and report on which categories have seen the best performance across the year, including:


CTR on
Google Ads 


Sub-categories with the highest conversion rates


CPC of
Google Ads


Data insights from successful Ampd campaigns 

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