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Ampd & Momentum Commerce Work Together To Scale Google Ads to Amazon For Therabody 

The Backstory

Therabody is a global brand of percussion therapy, wellness, and massage gun devices -- they have a robust omnichannel strategy. Therabody sells its products both directly on its website DTC (direct to consumer) and on marketplaces such as Their flagship product is the Theragun.

Momentum Commerce is a modern consultancy, offering brands flexible technology and professional services to grow sales on digital retail platforms, such as Amazon,, and Momentum helps the largest brands on Amazon and other digital retail marketplaces, defend their product leadership, and discover new growth opportunities.

Therabody is one of the brands that Momentum Commerce works with, and they saw an opportunity to scale Therabody's Amazon sales, by partnering with Ampd. 

Ampd + Momentum Commerce Partnership

Momentum Commerce was already managing an active Google Ads to DTC website strategy for Therabody, as well as an active on-Amazon Ads PPC strategy for the brand. Coming to partner with Ampd, Momentum wanted to introduce a new channel into Therabody's Amazon marketing mix -- Google Ads to Amazon (G2A).

The Momentum Commerce team wanted to boost Therabody's Amazon sales, by using Ampd's Google Ads to Amazon solution without impacting the brand's current Google Ads to DTC website efforts.

By using Ampd's software, Momentum Commerce could automate and enable keyword-level Amazon Attribution for Therabody on its external Google Ads to Amazon traffic. This would allow the Therabody and Momentum Commerce teams to be the able track which Google Ads keywords and clicks had led to "add to carts", "sales", and "revenue" directly on Amazon, through proper Amazon Attribution.

Additionally, Ampd's software automatically tagged all Ampd Google Ads to Amazon campaigns for the Brand Referral Bonus program, which enabled Therabody to receive the 10% rebate bonus from Amazon on all sales driven by external traffic.

The Google Ads To Amazon (G2A) Strategy

The main goal in working with Ampd was to strategically target all Google product keyword/product category searches that had ‘Amazon’ buying intent on Google, and direct that traffic to Therabody's direct product listing and storefront pages on 

Example of a Google search:

  • ‘Best Massage Gun on Amazon’
  • ‘Amazon Massage Guns
  • ‘Massage Guns on Amazon’ 
  • 'Amazon Top-rated Massage Guns’

Prior to working with Ampd, Therabody was targeting "Amazon" buying intent searches on Google through its Google Ads to DTC campaigns and was sending that traffic to their branded DTC website.

Now with Ampd's software, Therabody, and Momentum Commerce could segment those 'Amazon' buying intent searches on Google directly to Therabody's Amazon product listing and storefront pages, all while gaining keyword-level conversion tracking and visibility into which Google searches resulted in sales on Amazon.

The Results

Within the first 75-days of partnering with Ampd, Therabody saw the following results:

Google Ads CPCs for ‘Amazon’ Search Terms Decreased by 83%

  • Within the first 75 days of working with Ampd, Theragun saw Google Ads CPCs for 'Amazon' related Google searches decrease by 83%, with the Ampd powered campaigns. Theragun was previously targeting those searches and directed that traffic to their DTC website, instead of Amazon directly.

  • Cheaper CPCs were accomplished by Ampd, due to the Ampd Google Ads campaigns having high-rated Quality Scores on Google. The Ampd campaign's high-rated Quality Scores resulted in cheaper CPCs for Theragun, when targeting the same types of 'Amazon' related searches as previously before. 

Total Google Click Volume for ‘Amazon’ Search Terms Increased by 326%

  • Due to Ampd’s Google Ads campaigns receiving a decreased CPC for ‘Amazon’ related search terms compared to before, Therabody was able to increase its total click volume on Google Ads by 326%.

  • The cheaper CPCs led to Ampd being able to increase its market share for ‘Amazon’ related searches and increase total click volume, allowing Therabody to expand its overall reach of Google to Amazon traffic. 

Click Through Rate (CTR) For Search Ads Increased by 1,900%

  • The previous CTR for Google Ads relating to ‘Amazon’ search terms was 1.59% -- working with Ampd, Therabody saw their CTRs increase up to 31.86% for 'Amazon' specific Google Ads.

  • This was achieved by Ampd’s team's ability to write targeted ad copy, matching the ‘Amazon’ search term of the user on Google, directly with an Ampd powered Google ad, related to that user's direct search.

  • Ampd Google Ad campaigns have the ability to display as the final display path in the URL of the ad directly on Google, so the user reading the ad knows pre-click, that they will land on Amazon.

*Example of an Ampd Google Ads to Amazon ad on Google -- this goes directly to Therabody's Amazon listing, with full Amazon Attribution tracking:

amazon massage guns google search result screenshot



Ampd's Solution

Ampd and Momentum Commerce developed a customized Google Ads to Amazon strategy for Therabody, in order to target specific 'Amazon' buying intent searches on Google. 

Ampd did this while the Momentum Commerce team was still actively managing Therabody's Google Ads strategy for its DTC website, and managing its on-Amazon Ads PPC strategy within the Amazon ecosystem.

Therabody Now Was Able To:

1. Effectively send Google Search traffic from their own managed Google Ads campaigns, not related to Amazon keywords, directly to their DTC website.

While Simultaneously Using Ampd To:

2. Effectively send Google Search traffic that had 'Amazon' buying intent, directly to Therabody's Amazon product listing and storefront pages, with keyword-level Amazon Attribution tracking.

It's important to note that these two Google Ads strategies -- Google Ads to DTC and Google Ads to Amazon -- are not mutually exclusive and can be used together to maximize the benefits of Google Search volume, with DTC and Amazon buying intent. By implementing these strategies together, Therabody was able to increase its omnichannel presence and convert qualified Google search traffic into Amazon sales.

Benefits Of Ampd

Ampd's solution helped Therabody and Momentum Commerce achieve more precise targeting of Google searches that had 'Amazon' buying intent. They could target that traffic to Amazon directly, which resulted in more relevant external traffic being funneled to Amazon. This led to an increase in "conversions" and "revenue" on Amazon, as well as an increase in organic rankings within Amazon.

Additionally, Therabody saw improvements in Google Ads click and CPC performance for their Ampd Google Ads campaigns, which allowed them to increase Google clicks volume without increasing budgets over the same period prior. This all was achieved while Momentum Commerce was managing Therabody's Google Ads to DTC campaigns, as well as on-Amazon PPC campaigns. 

Ampd's easy-to-use UI and unique technology, allowed Therabody to link its Google Ads data with Amazon sales data, automating Amazon Attribution across their various ASINs and keywords. This allowed the brand to have a clear picture of which Google Ads searches produced impressions and click volume, as well as which led to "add to carts", "conversions", and "revenue" directly on Amazon.

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