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Trivium Group and Ampd Partnership: Increased Sales and Keyword Organic Rank Performance by 83%

The Challenges

Trivium Group is one of the fastest-growing Amazon PPC advertising agencies, offering a full suite of on-Amazon PPC marketing & services for their brands. As an agency, they were looking to deepen their omnichannel services offered, by introducing 'Google Ads to Amazon' (G2A) as a new service for their brands. Precision Pro is one of those national brands that already had a robust Amazon PPC strategy implemented, and was looking to expand into off-Amazon marketing via Google Ads to Amazon. 

Trivium wanted to increase their brand's Amazon sales and organic presence on Amazon, by using Google Ads to Amazon as a new marketing channel but needed a solution to gain visibility into Amazon Attribution.

Without proper Amazon Attribution tracking, it would have been difficult for Trivium to measure the effectiveness of these Google Ads to Amazon campaigns, and to show value to the brand.

Ampd was that solution.

Enter Ampd

Ampd's proprietary technology accurately connects Google Ads data, with Amazon Sales data, all while automating Amazon Attribution tagging for brands. Now Trivium could accurately send Google Search traffic, directly to their brand's product listing and storefront category pages on, with proper conversion tracking at an ASIN and keyword level. 

Using Ampd's UI, Trivium was able to gain visibility into which Google keywords/clicks were resulting in direct sales on Amazon and optimize those campaigns. This allowed the agency to focus on spending towards converting keywords that had 'Amazon' buying intent on Google, which were more likely to convert directly on Amazon.

Working with Ampd, they also could target 'Non-Amazon' buying intent keywords on Google to build brand awareness directed towards Amazon, while monitoring spend and ACOS on those keywords in Ampd's dashboard.

Ampd’s Google To Amazon (G2A) Approach

Ampd conducted keyword research to identify relevant keywords with quality search volume on Google, to target directly towards the brand's product listing and storefront pages on Amazon. By targeting these product-specific keywords in their Ampd Google Ads campaigns, Precision Pro could reach new potential customers who were already interested in golf range finders and who were actively searching for them on Google. 

Example of a Google User Search: ‘Amazon golf range finder and golf range finder

This strategy allowed the brand to prioritize ‘Amazon’ buying intent keywords on Google first, as well as using ‘Non-Amazon’ buying intent keywords to grow its customer funnel. 

Example of an Ampd Google Search ad, directly going to the Amazon ASIN listing:

Google search result for amazon golf rangefinder

Due to Precision Pro being eligible and enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Referral Bonus (BRB) program, Ampd's solution was able to automate each campaign and keyword for the BRB program. This allowed the brand to maximize the benefits of this program and the benefits of external traffic sales on Amazon, as a marketing channel. 

This strategy was a win-win for Precision Pro. By leveraging the power of Google Ads and Amazon Attribution, Precision Pro was able to increase its Amazon sales directly through Ampd’s campaigns, while also seeing an increase in organic rank on Amazon, all while getting a rebate kickback from Amazon on their Google Ads to Amazon sales.

The Direct Results (First 60-days)

The Ampd campaigns launched on January 19th. The performance from the first 60-days of launch is shown below:  

Ampd's UI:

Ampd performance results within 60 days

Total Cost: $3,006.27

True Cost: Cost - Brand Referral Bonus (BRB) = True Cost. This equates to:

($3,006.27) -  ($854.53)  = $2,151.73 in true cost, after factoring in the BRB rebate from Amazon and subtracting that from the total cost.

Total Revenue: $8,286.93

Total Sales: 40

Total ‘Add To Carts’: 84

True ROAS: Revenue / True Cost = True ROAS.

This equates to ($8,286.93) / ($2,151.73)True ROAS of 3.85x

True AACOS: True Cost / Revenue = True AACOS.

This equates to ($2,151.73) / ($8,286.93) = True AACOS 25%

The Non-Direct Results (Organic Search Ranking On Amazon)

Ampd’s software also has the ability to track organic search terms ranking on Amazon, as well as the track ‘Best Sellers Rank’ within a category. Within the first 60 days of using Ampd, Precision Pro saw a positive organic rank increase on search terms directly on Amazon.

Pre-launching Ampd: On January 19th when launching Ampd, one specific keyword, "golf range finder", had an organic rank position on Amazon of position #48.

Post-launching Ampd: After launching Ampd through March 14th, by driving qualified external traffic to Amazon from Google, this keyword saw its organic rank position on Amazon improve from position #48 to position #8

This single keyword saw an organic rank performance increase of 83% for that keyword:

Ampd's UI:

Ampd result shows rank increase

In Summary

The combination of Google Ads and Amazon Attribution, along with Ampd's technology, allowed Precision Pro to target relevant keywords on Google and direct that traffic directly to their listings on Amazon. With proper conversion tracking at the ASIN and keyword level from Ampd, Precision Pro was able to track the effectiveness of their Google Ads to Amazon campaigns, ultimately resulting in increased sales and revenue on Amazon.

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