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Spatula Set Sees 31% Improved ACOS in 10 Minutes with Ampd

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This Amazon Brand had several kitchen related products converting well on Amazon. Knowing the impact that external traffic can have on Amazon organic ranking and a desire to find new customers from off Amazon, they decided to test out Google Ads.

They figured since people search Google for products similar to theirs, that if they could figure out a way to place an ad on relevant Google searches, then they had a good chance of getting out in front of their competitions and winning that customer.

After researching Google ads and Amazon Attribution, they learned that they needed a way to connect Google and Amazon data together in order to get the data they needed to evaluate the success of their campaign.

They turned to Ampd, an automated piece of technology that would marry Google and Amazon data together and provide more data than they could get using Amazon Attribution and manually setting up Attribution tags.

The Results

Ampd's platform guided them through creating their first Google Ad campaign directing traffic to their Amazon Product listing. The platform guided them through a one track path in creating this ad and automatically created and applied an attribution link so they could see conversions from the Google traffic.

This automated Google Ad campaign immediately began feeding the Amazon ranking algorithm high quality external traffic and that traffic began converting as they were able to put their product in front of customers asking Google for spatulas like theirs.

Over the next 60 days, with just a $16/day budget, the automated campaign did all the work! It optimized the campaign's ad copy, automated the bidding and filtered the budget into the strongest keywords.

With just 10 minutes of set up, this Ampd campaign produced a 31% (factoring in Amazon’s 10% Brand Referral Bonus) ACOS over the first 60 days without the brand making any manual optimizations. Additionally, this does not include the rank impact this external traffic had.

Now the brand can improve the ACOS even further by implementing optimization strategies found in Ampd's Help Center.


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