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From Java Planet to Top of Amazon: How Ampd Increased Total Sales Beyond ACOS

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Java Planet Coffee heard Amazon values external traffic up to 30% more than internal Amazon traffic and saw that sending high intent search traffic from beyond the walls of Amazon could help boost their Amazon rank to drive overall sales.

They decided to test this out with Ampd.

Enter Ampd

Ampd’s cutting edge self-serve technology provides the best guided path to launch a customized Google Ads to Amazon campaign (makes it easy!) and automatically applies Amazon Attribution to the campaign.

Ampd uses its proprietary technology to first launch the best ad for the specific Amazon product then uniquely and accurately connect Google and Amazon data to reveal precisely which Google Keywords drove “add to carts” and which drove “conversions/sales”, to deliver the Amazon Seller the curated visibility and action clicks to hone in on the highest performing keywords to continually improve campaign performance. All done in just a few clicks and without ever leaving Ampd.

The Results

Since turning on Google Ads, Java Planet Coffee has seen their Amazon ranking steadily increase as they have fed the Amazon Ranking algorithm the external traffic it favors. As rank has risen, so has Total Sales.

While Ampd does calculate the direct ACOS of Google traffic, Java Planet Coffee has seen the impact on Total Sales exceed the impact of just ACOS, proving the external traffic is favored by Amazon’s ranking and can drastically impact Sales Velocity on Amazon.

Java Planet Coffee is now expanding their Google Ads budget to drive Google traffic to other products in their catalog.

Key metrics analyzed in this case study

  • Total Sales
  • Sales Velocity
  • TaCOS
  • Rank on key Amazon Search terms


While Ampd makes it easy to create and improve your campaigns to drive Sales Velocity, if you need a little extra boost to be Ampd up, pick up some coffee from Java Planet!

“The ASIN we are driving Google Traffic to with Ampd is ranking really well and total sales have increased since turning on Google Ads. Let's run this strategy on our other products now!"

- Tiffany, Java Planet Coffee

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