Global Amazon & DTC Selling Fitness Brand 

Leverages Ampd's Google Ads to Amazon Solution

To drive specific ‘Amazon’ related Google Searches into Amazon sales



The  Backstory

A multi-million dollar Amazon brand, with a robust and active Google Ads strategy for their DTC (direct-to-consumer) website and Amazon Ads PPC, wanted to leverage Ampd's Google Ads to Amazon solution. They were looking to enhance their e-commerce marketing efforts and add a new channel to their omnichannel mix, by driving qualified Google Search traffic directly to their Amazon listings (both product listing and storefront pages).

The Amazon brand used Ampd's software to automate and enable keyword-level Amazon Attribution on their external Google Ads to Amazon traffic. The aim was to target relevant Google Search traffic to their Amazon pages without interfering with their existing Google Ads campaigns to their DTC website. This allowed the brand to scale its Amazon sales and organic presence by using Google Ads to Amazon as a new and profitable strategy.

The brand now could track which Google Ads keywords and clicks led to "add to carts", "sales", and "revenue" directly on Amazon through Amazon Attribution -- additionally, Ampd's software automatically tagged all Ampd Google Ads campaigns for the Brand Referral Bonus program, which enabled the brand to receive the 10% bonus from Amazon, on all sales driven by external traffic. All of this data was presented in Ampd's user-friendly UI for better understanding and optimizations to scale. 

Goals With Ampd

The main goal was to strategically target all product keyword/product category searches on Google, that had ‘Amazon’ buying intent in the Google Search as a qualifier. For example:

‘Best product keyword on Amazon’

‘Amazon product keyword’

Product keyword on Amazon’ 

“Top-rated product category Amazon’

Before using Ampd's software, the brand was using its own Google Ads campaigns to capture 'Amazon' buying intent searches on Google and sent that traffic to its DTC website. With Ampd's software, the brand now could segment 'Amazon' searches on Google directly to their Amazon product listings and storefront pages -- all while gaining visibility into which Google searches resulted in sales on Amazon with automated Amazon Attribution from Ampd. 

The Solution

Ampd helped the brand to develop a customized Google Ads strategy to target specific 'Amazon' buying intent searches on Google and redirected that traffic directly to the brand’s product listing and storefront pages on

Ampd did this while the brand was still actively managing its own Google Ads strategy for its DTC website and managing its Amazon Ads PPC strategy within the Amazon ecosystem. With the help of Ampd, the brand was able to focus on growing its Google Ads campaigns to DTC website, while Ampd could target specific Google searches related to 'Amazon' and target those to Amazon.

The brand was now able to:

1. Effectively send Google Search traffic from their own managed Google Ads campaigns, not related to Amazon keywords, directly to their DTC website.

While simultaneously using Ampd to:

2. Effectively send Google Search traffic with 'Amazon' buying intent, directly to their Amazon product listing and storefront pages, with keyword-level Amazon Attribution tracking.


It's important to note that these two Google Ads strategies -- Google Ads to DTC and Google Ads to Amazon -- are not mutually exclusive and can be used together to maximize the benefits of Google Search volume, with DTC and Amazon buying intent. By implementing these strategies together, the brand was able to increase its omnichannel presence and convert qualified Google search traffic into Amazon sales.

The Results

Within the first 75-days of partnering with Ampd, the brand saw:

Google Ads CPCs for ‘Amazon’ Search Terms Decreased by 476%

  • The prior 75 days before working with Ampd, Google Ads CPCs for ‘Amazon’ qualified search terms going to their DTC website were $4.61.

  • After the first 75 days of working with Ampd, the Google Ads CPCs for those same types of ‘Amazon' qualified searches on Google decreased to $0.80 going directly to Amazon. This was due to the Ampd campaigns having highly rated Quality Scores. 

Total Google Click Volume for ‘Amazon’ Search Terms Increased by 326%

  • Due to Ampd’s Google Ads campaigns receiving a decreased CPC for ‘Amazon’ related search terms compared to before, the brand was able to increase total click volume on Google at a cheaper total cost.

  • The cheaper CPCs led to Ampd being able to target more ‘Amazon’ related keywords/searches, allowing the brand to expand its overall reach of Google traffic to Amazon. 

Click Through Rate (CTR) For Search Ads Increased by 1,900%

  • The previous CTR for Google Ads relating to ‘Amazon’ search terms was 1.59% and working with Ampd, the brand was able to increase its CTR for ‘Amazon’ specific search terms up to 31.86%.

  • This was achieved by Ampd’s team's ability to write targeted ad copy, matching the ‘Amazon’ search term of the user on Google with a direct 'Amazon' related ad showcasing on Google.

  • Ampd-created campaigns have the ability to display as the final URL path in the ad directly on Google, so the user reading the ad knows to pre-click that they will land on Amazon.

Search Impression Share (absolute top) Increased by 49%:

Top page position market share for ‘Amazon’ search terms on Google increased, from 56.76% to their DTC site to 90.99% with Ampd’s campaigns.

Ampd's solution of targeted ad copy related to the user's search, strategic selection of keywords, and display path URLs showing, led to high-rated Quality Scores from Google. This helped the brand increase its Google Ads click volume for ‘Amazon’ related search terms by 14.7k while decreasing its Google CPCs for those keywords by 476%, leading to a decrease in spending over the same 75-day period prior. 

*Example of Google Ads on Google, going to Amazon (not a client ad)


Benefits Of Ampd

Ampd's solution helped the brand achieve more precise targeting of Google searches with 'Amazon' buying intent and target that traffic to Amazon. This resulted in more relevant external traffic being generated from Google to Amazon and led to an increase in "conversions" and "revenue" on Amazon, as well as an increase in organic rankings within Amazon.

Additionally, the brand saw improvements in Google Ads click and CPC performance for their Ampd Google Ads campaigns, which allowed them to increase Google clicks volume without increasing budgets over the same period prior. This all was achieved while the brand was managing its own Google Ads to DTC campaigns. 

The easy-to-use interface and unique technology offered by Ampd allowed the brand to link its Google Ads data with Amazon sales data, automating the tagging of Amazon Attribution across ASINs and keywords. This allowed the brand to have a clear picture of which Google Ads searches produced impressions and click volume, as well as which led to "add to carts", "conversions", and "revenue" directly on Amazon.