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Leverages Ampd to drive specific ‘Amazon’ related Google Searches into Amazon sales.




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The  Backstory

This global brand came to Ampd looking to leverage Ampd’s Google Ads to Amazon solution. Being the omnichannel brand that they are, they already were managing a robust and active Google Ads strategy for their DTC (direct-to-consumer) website. In working with Ampd, the brand did not want to conflict with their current Google Ads to DTC efforts but instead boost those efforts by implementing a new Google Ads to Amazon strategy. They wanted to unlock keyword-level Amazon Attribution on their external Google Ads to Amazon traffic by using Ampd. This would allow the brand to scale external traffic to Amazon as a new and profitable marketing channel, adding it to its omnichannel strategy. 

The End Goal;  use Ampd’s software and Enterprise team to boost Amazon sales with external Google Ads traffic, without impacting the brand's current Google Ads to DTC strategies, performance, and sales.


Enter Ampd's Solution

Ampd was able to create a tailored Google Ads to Amazon strategy for this brand, driving specific Google search traffic with 'Amazon' buying intent keywords, directly to the brand’s Amazon product listing and storefront pages. Ampd did this while the brand was still actively managing and running its own Google Ads to DTC website strategy and campaigns.

This allowed the brand to continue to scale its DTC efforts, while using Ampd to scale specific Google Ads traffic related to ‘Amazon’ directly to their Amazon listings, leading to sales. The Ampd team was able to hone in on qualified Google search traffic that had 'Amazon' buying intent and expand on that search volume at an efficient CPC for the brand. 

The brand was now able to:

  1. Effectively send Google search traffic from their own managed Google Ads campaigns not related to Amazon keywords, directly to their DTC website

While simultaneously

  1. Effectively sending Google search traffic from their Ampd Google Ads campaigns that had 'Amazon' buying intent, directly to their Amazon product listing and storefront pages

It's important to note that these two strategies are not mutually exclusive and can be used together to maximize the benefits of Google Search volume, with DTC and Amazon buying intent and conversion rates. By implementing these strategies together, the brand was able to increase its online presence and convert Google search traffic into Amazon sales, with proper keyword-level Amazon Attribution from Ampd.


Goals With Ampd

The first goal was to strategically target all product keyword/product category searches on Google, that had ‘Amazon’ in the search as a qualifier. For example:

‘Best product keyword on Amazon’

‘Amazon product keyword’

Product keyword on Amazon’ 

“Top-rated product category Amazon’

Previously the brand was using its own Google Ads campaigns to capture ‘Amazon’ buying intent keywords on Google but without Amazon Attribution, had to send that traffic to their DTC website instead of Now working with Ampd, the brand was able to segment those ‘Amazon’ searches directly on Google to their Amazon listings, with proper keyword-level tracking on the Google clicks that resulted in Amazon sales. Ampd used its proprietary technology and easy-to-read UI to accurately connect Google Ads data with Amazon Sales data, all while automating Amazon Attribution tagging for the brand.

The brand now had visibility into which ‘Amazon’ intent Google Ads keywords powered by the Ampd campaigns had generated click volume, landing that traffic on their product listing and storefront pages, while also showing the brand which clicks/keywords resulted in “add to carts” – “conversions” – “revenue” directly on Amazon.

The Results

Not only did the brand see a direct increase in Amazon “conversions” and “revenue” coming from the Ampd Google Ads campaigns, but they also saw an improvement in Google Ads click and CPC performance for the similar ‘Amazon’ specific keywords they were targeting before, when going to their DTC website.

*data pulled from Google Ads for privacy reasons*

The previous 45-days prior to Ampd are shown below for ‘Amazon’ specific searches on Google Ads, with the strategy of taking that click traffic to their DTC website:

Not only did they see a direct increase in “conversions” and “revenue” coming from Google Ads to Amazon, but they also saw an overall improvement in Google Ads click performance for the same variations of ‘Amazon’ keywords they were targeting before, but going to their DTC website.



The first 45-days of using Ampd is shown below for ‘Amazon’ specific searches on Google, powered by Ampd Google Ads campaigns and strategy with the traffic going directly to the brand's product listing and storefront pages on Amazon:

The Metrics

Within the first 45-days of partnering with Ampd, this brand was able to do the following:

Google Ads CPCs for ‘Amazon’ Search Terms Decreased by 141%

  • The prior 45-days before working with Ampd, Google Ads CPCs for ‘Amazon’ qualified search terms going to their DTC website were $4.76
  • After the first 45-days of working with Ampd, the Google Ads CPCs for those same types of ‘Amazon’ qualified searches on Google dropped down to $0.81 going directly to Amazon

Total Google Click Volume for ‘Amazon’ Search Terms Increased by 102%

  • With Ampd’s Google Ads campaigns receiving a decreased CPC for ‘Amazon’ related search terms, the brand was able to push for more total click volume on Google at a cheaper total advertising cost
  • The Ampd Google Ads campaigns were receiving cheaper CPCs for ‘Amazon’ type keywords due to having a high Google Ads Quality Score and Ad Strength score from Google
  • The cheaper CPCs led to Ampd being able to target more ‘Amazon’ related keywords and total searches, allowing the brand to expand its overall reach of Google traffic to Amazon 

Click Through Rate (CTR) For Search Ads Increased by 180%

  • The previous CTR for Google Ads relating to ‘Amazon’ search terms was 1.84% with the previous DTC website strategy 
  • Working with Ampd, the brand was able to increase the CTR for ‘Amazon’ specific search terms to 36.86% with the Ampd Google Ads campaigns 
  • This was achieved by Ampd’s Enterprise team and their ability to write targeted ad copy, matching to the ‘Amazon’ search term of the user on Google
  • Ampd-created campaigns have the ability to have the Google Search Ad display  as the final URL path in the ad directly on Google 

The combination of these things; targeted ad copy relating to the search term of the user, strategic keyword selection, and display path URLs showing ‘’, helped to qualify the Google user pre-click. Ampd helped the brand to generate higher qualified Google search volume with better CTRs and cheaper CPCs than before.

*Example of Google Ads going to Amazon (not a client ad):


Search Impression Share (absolute top) Increased by 49%:

  • Top page position market share for ‘Amazon’ search terms on Google, increased from 57.20% going to their DTC site, to 92.40% with Ampd’s campaigns. 

Per Google, “Search absolute top impression rate is the percent of your impressions that are shown as the very first ad above the organic search results.” This means with Ampd’s campaigns and strategy, this brand was able to increase market share on their Google Ads by 35.20% for 'Amazon' qualified searches. 

In Short

Using Ampd’s software and a strategic approach, this brand was able to generate roughly 9k more in Google Ads click volume for ‘Amazon’ related search terms, while decreasing their Google CPCs for those keywords by 141%. This led to a decrease in spending by approximately $10k over the same 45-day period. 

Working with Ampd, the brand was able to increase traffic for qualified ‘Amazon’ Google search terms directly to its product listing and storefront pages on Amazon. This was a clear winning strategy for the brand and allowed them to profitability scale their Google Ads to Amazon strategy.