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How to Grow Your Amazon Business: 5 Effective Strategies

How to take your Amazon business to the next level with these five effective strategies.

The Ampd Team

Oct 05, 2021

An impressive 55% of all online product searches start out on Amazon—Amazon Prime alone counts over 54 million buyers, not including those who have standard Amazon accounts.

So if you are an online seller, Amazon offers an excellent opportunity to cut into their enormous customer base and take advantage of this incredibly successful business model.

At Ampd, we are passionate about helping sellers to grow their Amazon business with the use of Google Ads and other tools. In this article, we are going to cover how to take your Amazon business to the next level with these five effective strategies.

5 Strategies to Grow Your Amazon Business

If you are an online seller looking to grow your Amazon business—and grow it quickly—you need to develop a viable marketing strategy. If you aren’t sure where to begin, consider trying these proven methods to give your business a much-needed boost.

1. Drive External Traffic with Google Ads

Instead of focusing solely on in-Amazon promotion, you can boost your sales by driving additional external traffic to your product listings. As such, using Google Ads can improve your product visibility and provide additional conversions.

To make the most out of your Google Ads experience, make sure to keep track of various incentives offered by the platform in order to accelerate the adoption of its advertising products.

For example, when you sign up for a new Google Ads account with Ampd, you will receive a $150 credit that you can use toward the ad campaigns for your Amazon products. Using Ampd will also help you to easier manage and run your ad campaigns to make the most out of your budget and improve ROI.

2. Focus on Amazon Reviews

While Ampd and Google Ads can help to drive additional external traffic to your Amazon listings, excellent customer reviews are often what makes the conversion happen. Word-of-mouth advertising has always been incredibly effective, and online product reviews are nothing else than a modernized version of this tried-and-true strategy.

While incentivized reviews aren’t allowed on Amazon, there are a few other ways to get people talking about your products:

  • “Request a Review” button. When you visit Seller Central to review your orders, you will see a button labelled “Request a Review.” By clicking on the button, you will automatically send out an Amazon-generated email asking the buyer to review and rate the product.
  • Product inserts. Include a small personalized note with your product to thank the buyer for the purchase and ask them to share their experience on Amazon. You can even include a QR code that links directly to the product review page.
  • Discounts and special promotions. While Amazon prohibits explicitly asking for reviews in exchange for discounts, you can still regularly run promotions and offer coupons as a part of your marketing strategy. Whenever you offer a discounted price, make sure to double up on your automated review requests to generate more customer feedback.

3. Set Up an External Ecommerce Store

While the Amazon platform itself is an excellent place to start your ecommerce business, it is always a good idea to expand your product distribution channels. As such, expanding to an external branded online store can help to make your brand more recognizable and reinforce your brand message.

Among the most popular ecommerce platforms are Shopify and BigCommerce.

Shopify is an excellent platform for ecommerce beginners who need guidance with the store set up. All the necessary tools are already integrated into the platform, while storefront design and performance analytics are easier than ever.

BigCommerce offers sophisticated functionality, unlimited product listings, and excellent performance and customization options. If you are looking to create large or complex catalogs, BigCommerce is the way to go.

4. Use an Effective CRM System

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is necessary to help your ecommerce business streamline processes, increase sales, build customer relationships, and improve customer service.

The all-in-one CRM system from HubSpot can help you to quickly expand your business with a simple, cost-effective, and user-friendly solution. Not only will you be able to boost your Amazon and off-Amazon sales, but you will also save 30% to 90% of costs on all the tools you would need to perform the same tasks otherwise.

5. Outsource Work to Freelancers

If you are looking to grow your Amazon business, you will inevitably need to hire a freelancer or two at some point.

As your business expands, you may find yourself not being able to effectively and timely manage your customer service inquiries, inventory, order fulfillment, and graphic design. What’s more, if you choose to supplement your Amazon efforts with Google Ads or an external ecommerce platform, you will need to invest in a copywriter, social media and email marketing managers, and a Google Ads strategist.

While Ampd can help to take all the legwork out of Google Ads management and optimization to make the life easier for you, you would still need to find a simple and efficient way to pay the freelancers you hire. One easy way to pay your service providers is to use Payoneer—a universal platform that can help you pay directly to local receiving accounts from your Payoneer account for free.

Achieve the Ultimate Ecommerce Success with Ampd

While focusing on product listing optimization is the most obvious thing to do when growing your Amazon business, the real ecommerce success requires a well-rounded approach.

As such, spend the time creating an external branded web-store, invest in a good CRM system, and don't be afraid to outsource parts of your work to external parties.

And, of course, don’t forget to use Ampd’s ad automation toolkit to drive more traffic to your product listings through Google Ads. Get Ampd.

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