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Ampd Drives New-to-Brand Customers for Tovla


“Ampd was incredibly easy to work with. I started with their managed service team who was proactive and ‘on it’. By far the best-managed service team I have worked with. After getting a solid foundation, they taught me how to leverage Ampd’s technology to manage the campaigns myself and I moved into a self-serve plan.” - Tova, Founder of Tovla

Who is Tovla?

Tovla, the renowned kids' cookware brand, proudly showcases its products on their own D2C website and Amazon. Recognized by major news outlets like CNN, Forbes, Ellen, and USA Today, Tovla has solidified its position in the industry. Devoted to inspiring the young ones, the brand offers a range of safe, high-quality cooking tools designed to nurture confidence, creativity, and essential life skills in the kitchen. With a genuine commitment to empowering children, Tovla meticulously crafts its products, aiming to provide an enriching experience that not only cultivates success in the kitchen but also extends well beyond it.

Enter Ampd 

Ampd is a Google Ads to Amazon platform that enables Google Ads experts to effectively run Google Ads to Amazon campaigns, with automated keyword-level Amazon Attribution data and automated ad management software. 

Ampd's proprietary technology is designed to help Amazon brands build effective Google Ads campaigns that are tailored to their specific products. By connecting Google Ads data with Amazon sales data, Ampd can provide brands with valuable insights into which Google Ads clicks/keywords are driving "add to carts" and which are leading to "conversions" and "revenue" directly on Amazon.

By providing this level of visibility and analysis, Ampd's technology can help brands optimize their Google Ads to Amazon campaigns and improve their overall channel performance. This approach can be particularly valuable for Brands who are looking to engage their customers searching for their products on Google and funnel them directly to their product listings and storefront pages on Amazon and track and optimize their performance. 

Goals With External Traffic to Amazon

Tovla wanted to engage potential customers actively searching for kids' cooking sets on Google. As Google Ads is a middle of the funnel traffic source, profitable ACOS was desired, but not the goal. They knew if they could create product and brand awareness by engaging these customers in the research phase of their journey, they could fill their sales funnel with high-intent customers, drive growth, and expand their market share. 

Ampd's Results

With middle of the funnel traffic coming in from Google ads, success metrics varied across products and campaigns. Factoring metrics such as add to carts, conversions, and ACOS, Tovla was able to effectively add a powerful new channel to their marketing mix and customer acquisition strategy. As the campaigns came up to speed and were optimized, KPIs such as new-to-brand customers and strong add-to-cart rates (typically ranging from 10-20% for Tovla, depending on the product) indicated the quality of traffic coming into the funnel was very strong. While not the original goal, ACOS being profitable was a cherry on top!

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