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Designs For Health Achieves $2M+ New Revenue with Ampd

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“Ampd’s technology was key in efficiently unlocking Google Ads as a marketing channel for our brands selling on Amazon and helping them engage their customers searching for products like theirs on Google.” 
- Mark Wieczorek, Chief Insights Officer at Front Row Group

Who is Designs For Health?

Designs for Health started in 1989 as a family-owned company sharing their love for natural medicine and functional nutrition through nutritional counseling and educational services. Fast forward three decades and Designs for Health has established itself as the leading innovator and fastest-growing brand of high-quality nutritional supplements in the healthcare practitioner channel. With one of the largest and widest range of nutritional supplement lines, Designs For Health has become an international brand.

Introducing Front Row

Front row is a full-service ecommerce marketing agency that partners with leading brands to accelerate their ecommerce growth. Front Row activates the strength of your capabilities to measure and analyze, explore and invent, and see and solve problems you didn't know existed.

Ecommerce is a game of perpetual innovation, and Front Row spotted a game-changer in Ampd’s ad tech and its ability to drive Google to Amazon. They saw the potential to unlock new customer acquisition and accelerate profitable growth for brands like Designs For Health, and it was clear to them that Ampd is the next frontier in performance marketing channels worth investing in.

Enter Ampd

Ampd is a Google Ads to Amazon platform that enables Google Ads experts to effectively run Google Ads to Amazon campaigns, with automated keyword-level Amazon Attribution data and automated ad management software.

Ampd's proprietary technology is designed to help Amazon brands build effective Google Ads campaigns that are tailored to their specific products. By connecting Google Ads data with Amazon sales data, Ampd is able to provide brands with valuable insights into which Google Ads clicks/keywords are driving "add to carts" and which are leading to "conversions" and "revenue" directly on Amazon.

By providing this level of visibility and analysis, Ampd's technology can help brands optimize their Google Ads to Amazon campaigns and improve their overall channel performance. This approach can be particularly valuable for Brands who are looking to engage their customers searching for their products on Google and funnel them directly to their product listings and storefront pages on Amazon and track and optimize their performance. 

Goals With External Traffic to Amazon

To accelerate Amazon growth, Designs For Health targeted new to brand customers with a solid repeat purchase rate and cost-effective acquisition. Recognizing the importance of filling their sales funnel with high-intent Google Ads traffic, they aimed to drive both incremental and profitable growth.

Designs For Health knew that customers were searching for their products on Google but instead of being funneled to Amazon for purchase, they were being diverted to competitors. For instance, a Google search for "Magnesium Malate" yielded no results for Designs For Health's product until they engaged Ampd.


Front Row DFH screenshot

After partnering with Ampd to create Google Search ads, customers are now directed to Design For Health's products on Amazon.


Ampd’s Features

Front Row leveraged Ampd’s technology to launch a Google Search campaign targeting "Magnesium Malate" as well as several other products. 

Ampd Create® automates best-in-class Google campaigns for Amazon. Ampd Create® will create multiple ads, find Google keywords, and automatically tag campaigns with Amazon Attribution.

Ampd Protect® intelligently protects your G2A campaigns by reducing ad spend on portions of the campaign that are not meeting performance, once they have enough data. 

Ampd Predictive Bid-Manager® is the industry's first to automate bidding on high-performing Google campaigns to Amazon. Ampd automatically models out probability distributions for impressions, clicks, average order values, and conversion rates on every single keyword. These sophisticated models are designed to maximize revenue or efficiency for Google to Amazon campaigns. Allowing brands to set target clicks, revenue, ROAS, and let Ampd Bidding self-optimize to hit those targets.

The Results

As Google Ads is a middle of the funnel engagement channel creating awareness as consumers go through the research phase of their buying journey, the metrics of success vary across different products and campaigns.

Factoring metrics such as impression share, page views, add to carts, conversions, new to brand customers, lifetime value, and more, Front Row and Designs For Health were able to efficiently add a new marketing channel to their marketing mix and customer engagement strategy.

A key component to this customer acquisition strategy was Front Row understanding of the average number of repeat purchases per year for Designs For Health. By recognizing the frequency at which customers make purchases throughout the year, Front Row and Designs For Health were able to generate a higher volume of sales, knowing that while the first conversion may not be immediately profitable, the second, third, and fourth conversions would be.

Ampd’s technology and Front Row’s strategy allowed Designs For Health to unlock a new channel tracking towards $2+ million in annualized new revenue.


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