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The Power of Reviews: Drive Sales with Amazon's Review Ranking System

Master the Amazon ranking system and turn feedback into sales magnets. Read our blog to learn how to boost your Amazon store sales with positive reviews.

The Ampd Team

Oct 03, 2023

Reviews from fellow shoppers on Amazon have a big say in what your customers buy. In the online shopping era, these reviews are like gold when it comes to figuring out if a product is worth it. So, learning how Amazon's Review Ranking system works could really up your game in boosting sales and making it big on the world's largest e-commerce hub.

In this blog post, we'll talk about Amazon’s Review Ranking system and dish out tips and tricks that Amazon sellers like you can use to harness the power of customer reviews for your Amazon store. Let's dive into how these reviews can boost your product's visibility, sales, and overall brand growth on Amazon.

What is Amazon Review Ranking?

Amazon product rank reviews are all based on the "Was this review helpful?" system. When a customer sees this option under a product review, he can vote "Yes" or "No" to indicate whether he found the review helpful.

Votes affect the reviewer's ranking and reviewers who consistently receive "helpful" votes are ranked higher. Amazon Review Ranking is based on the frequency of helpful votes a user gets. Recent reviews boost rankings, but users are only allowed to vote once per product.

Amazon also uses a straightforward algorithm that tracks how often users mark reviews as 'helpful,' and then arranges these reviews by their publication date (with the most recent ones getting priority). Reviewer listings refresh every one to three days, along with updating user rankings. Similar to other ranking systems, Amazon Reviewer Ranking isn't solely influenced by a reviewer’s own performance; it also takes into account how other reviewers are doing, leading it to fluctuate accordingly.

How do Upvoted ‘Helpful’ Customer Reviews Impact Your Amazon Store?

93% of customers read online reviews before buying a product, making these reviews a powerful tool for influencing purchasing decisions. Positive reviews build trust and credibility, while negative reviews can deter potential buyers. As an Amazon seller, understanding and actively managing your product's reviews can significantly impact your store's reputation, visibility, and ultimately, your sales.

By leveraging the Amazon review ranking system, you can gain a deeper understanding of your product's standing in the marketplace. Customer reviews offer valuable insights into your product's strengths and weaknesses. By carefully analyzing these trusted ‘helpful’ reviews, you can identify areas for improvement, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and more positive reviews over time. 

Moreover, in today's information-rich landscape, buyers can suffer from information overload and confusion. This is where upvoted helpful customer reviews shine. Reviews with higher ratings carry more weight, guiding potential customers toward making confident purchases.

Embracing customer feedback not only enhances your store's overall performance but also creates a positive shopping experience with trusted products, encouraging customers to return and recommend your products to others - expanding your organic reach and driving more sales to your Amazon store.

Amazon Strategies to Encourage Positive and Upvoted Reviews

Getting positive reviews on Amazon is crucial for establishing trust, credibility, and boosting sales. Let’s explore these effective strategies that promote a positive culture and inspire customers to share their satisfaction through reviews.

1. Provide Exceptional Customer Service: Building a foundation of positive reviews begins with exceptional customer service. When you ensure a smooth shopping experience, respond promptly to questions, and address issues with care, you not only make customers happy but also set the stage for receiving positive feedback. This proactive approach helps you establish a strong reputation and build trust with your Amazon customers.

2. Create Product Inserts: When your products are shipped out, you can include product inserts requesting your customers to leave feedback on a specific link. This allows you to gently remind customers that you would really appreciate their feedback and makes it more convenient for them to find the product page where they can leave reviews.

3. Take Advantage of Amazon Vine: Amazon Vine is an exclusive program that gives you a unique opportunity to engage with trusted reviewers, ensuring quality reviews for your new or pre-released items, and giving your product a boost in its early stages of product launch. When you subscribe to this program, you can select the ASINs you'd like reviewed and even specify the number of units, up to a maximum of 30. Before joining, make sure you:

  • Launched your Amazon store.
  • Stocked up on the product you want reviewed.
  • Registered your brand with Amazon's official Brand Registry.
  • Prepared a compelling product image and description.
  • Maintained fewer than 30 reviews on your product detail page.
  • Offered a purchasable FBA product in 'New' condition.
4. Utilize Amazon's "Request a Review" Button: Amazon equips sellers with a handy tool known as the "Request a Review" button, streamlining the feedback collection process. This feature allows you to send automated review request emails to your customers, simplifying the process of collecting feedback. Here are some essential considerations regarding Amazon's Request a Review button:
  • If you're facing a temporary Buyer-Seller Messaging restriction, you can still use the Request a Review button.
  • Messages sent using this feature will be automatically translated into your customer’s preferred language.
  • Amazon's Review Request feature has a specific timing window. You can send review requests between 4 to 30 days after the order is delivered.
  • Please note that you can't customize the message or the subject line, and buyers won't be able to reply to these messages.
  • Amazon doesn't send these requests to buyers who have chosen to opt out, have already left a rating, or have yet to receive their order.

5. Target Buyers Who Leave Seller Reviews:  Customers who regularly rate sellers are more inclined to leave product reviews. To maximize your chances, prioritize those with a positive review history. Always check a customer's review rank and make use of the 'request a review' button.

Boost Amazon Product Rank by Leveraging Positive Reviews

Positive reviews on Amazon aren't just about stars; they're the building blocks of strong customer relationships. By embracing customer feedback, you create a feedback loop that resonates with your audience and boosts your Amazon product rank - customer satisfaction and higher sales follow naturally as a result. Check out these effective ways to leverage positive reviews in your marketing efforts:

  1. Showcasing in Product Listings: Incorporate snippets of positive reviews directly into your product listings. Highlight specific features, benefits, or customer experiences that resonate with your target audience. These snippets provide social proof and reassure potential buyers about the quality of your product.
  2. Customer Testimonials: Transform longer positive reviews into customer testimonials. These can be featured on your website, in email campaigns, and even on your social media profiles. Personal and genuine testimonials can build trust and credibility.
  3. Social Proof: Share positive reviews on Facebook and Instagram. Highlight positive feedback and create visually appealing graphics since 41% of shoppers say that quality images significantly impact their shopping decisions. Encourage satisfied customers to share their own experiences on social media using a specific hashtag or tagging your brand. You can also regularly feature the best customer-generated content on your official social media accounts.
  4. Create Review Videos: Craft short videos and reels featuring positive reviews and customer testimonials. Video content, especially when posted on social media platforms like TikTok, tends to engage audiences more effectively, and seeing genuine customers speak positively about your product can leave a lasting impression.
  5. Customer Stories: Showcase detailed customer success stories. Share how your product solved a specific problem or enhanced their lives. These narratives can resonate deeply with potential customers who are seeking similar solutions.
  6. Advertising and Promotions: Highlight products with the highest ratings and positive reviews in your advertising campaigns. This can be particularly effective during sales events, offering an additional layer of credibility to your promotional offers.
  7. Include Ratings in Ads: Use star ratings from positive reviews directly in your ads. This visual cue can capture attention and quickly communicate the positive feedback your product has received.

Together, these strategies work towards building a great reputation on Amazon. By providing outstanding customer experiences, your Amazon store can naturally increase its number of reviews and, as a result, enhance the credibility and influence of your brand in the competitive marketplace.

Expanding Your Reach by Going Omnichannel

When customers are in the middle of their shopping journey (Middle of Funnel), they often turn to Google to research products they're interested in buying. It's interesting to note that about 35% of product searches actually start on Google. This is an important step because it's where they can find valuable product reviews and star ratings that help them make well-informed purchase decisions.

Amazon knows this, which is why they spend $5 billion a year on Google Ads. So don't get left out! Leverage Google Ads to build a strong online presence and start driving traffic to your Amazon store - check out how this brand went from $0 to $998 with Google Ads and Ampd.

To find out if your product is a good fit for Google Ads, try Ampd's Benchmark tool.

Drive More Sales with Google Ads and Ampd

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