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The Power of Ampd Benchmark: ASIN Analysis for Google Ads

AMPD Benchmark is an efficient tool for Amazon sellers to assess their product’s performance on Google Ads. Discover how it improves your sales!

The Ampd Team

Jun 02, 2023

Amazon retailers may find the advertising solutions from the Amazon platform sufficient but marketing your product beyond its walls can allow your product to reach more organic traffic that Amazon can’t touch. It explains why adding Google Ads to your campaign strategy is practical since most consumers turn to Google search engines when it comes to transactional user intent and gauge a wide variety of the products they need. As an Amazon seller, you’d want to know if your product is optimized for Google search engines and, one way to identify this is by using the Ampd Benchmark that scales your products against other brands.

Understanding Ampd Benchmark

Ampd Benchmark is Ampd’s newest ROI analysis engine that helps Amazon sellers identify the potential of their products when launched into a Google Ads campaign.

This is done through “benchmarking” products with other similar product listings on Amazon. It utilizes data from more than 650 Amazon product categories and more than 20,000 campaigns supported by Ampd, providing reliable and accurate predictions for your next move as a business owner. It simply asks for the budget you’re willing to invest for your ads on Google and your product’s Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), a unique number of your product on Amazon used to sort items in their catalogs and keep track of the products uploaded to their website. It assists your products to connect with shoppers and ensure your items are within their selling policies! You must take note of your ASIN because aside from the fact that Ampd Benchmark needs it for your product’s assessment, it also differentiates your items from other similar products uploaded at Amazon.

Your Amazon Business Needs Ampd Benchmark. Here’s Why!

The reason why sellers must use the Ampd Benchmark engine is simple. The Benchmark tool lets you know if your product is a good fit for Google Ads. It reviews conversion rates based on the category of your item, product pricing, review, and other indicators that reflect the chance of success when launching a Google Ads campaign. Ampd is committed to delivering successful marketing solutions that improve Amazon's advertising cost of sales and traffic as they have showcased when Java Planet Coffee and Ubiquitous turned to Ampd to improve ACOS through utilizing solutions based on Google Ads campaigns.

How Your ASIN Can Optimize a Successful Google Ads Campaign

The factors that determine a product’s standing for a potential Google Ads campaign include analyzing three benchmarking attributes: Performance Benchmark gauges how well the product’s campaign does on Amazon compared to other similar brands; Review Benchmark sifts through your product reviews and checks if your item mostly has outstanding reviews on Amazon; and the CPC Benchmark studies how often your product is viewed on ads from Amazon compared to other competing brands. 

Other factors also include the relevant and competent keywords to be used for your potential ads so the campaign can be optimized for search engines. Through your product’s ASIN, Ampd Benchmark can compare it with other brands on Amazon, study how well it can play in the market, and assist sellers in plotting the next course of action for their product campaigns. 

Simplified Steps in Using the Ampd Benchmark

The Ampd Benchmark is simple and easy to put into use. You just have to follow the simple steps below:

  1. Open the Ampd Benchmark tool. Once it’s ready, paste your product’s ASIN on the left.
  2. Proceed to the middle and type in the appropriate keyword for your product. After that, you can scale how much you’re willing to spend on your ad campaigns on a daily budget by clicking the dropdown beside it. 
  3. Once everything is all set, click the “benchmark” button at the right and standby for the results.

Ampd Benchmark Tool

After in seconds, the Ampd Benchmark will show you its findings. The results are straightforward and comprehensive, explaining which indicators state your ASIN would be a great fit for a Google Ads campaign. It also indicates the performance of your product in terms of your Amazon campaign, product reviews, and CPC against other similar brands. If your product has great or good results, it means there is a must for you to consider adding Google Ads to your campaigns.

Ampd Benchmark Tool sample report

Other than that, Ampd Benchmark will also show you a list of related keywords to your product and list down which are more plausible to use in your ads by showing the rate of monthly product searches and CPC, allowing you to identify which keywords are more suitable for use in your ad campaigns.

list of related keywords

The Power of Ampd Benchmark for an Optimized Google Ads Performance

Amazon advertisements may be efficient but it is more practical to explore other ways to market your product online. You might never know how effective a Google Ads campaign for your product’s ASIN is until you use the Ampd Benchmark to assess its potential and limits in Google’s search engines, helping you make smarter business decisions and preventing you from wasting budget and effort that would render minimal to no ROI.

It will analyze your product’s campaign performance, reviews, CPC, and other factors to help you plot how your product can improve its presence beyond Amazon’s hold.

Don’t get us wrong, Amazon’s marketing schemes are great but it’s better to explore other means to get your product out there until it meets your consumers. It may be troublesome to spend resources on campaigns that wouldn’t render any returns but Ampd Benchmark can help you navigate how your product stands in a Google Ads campaign and how to optimize it for your needs. After all, leveraging Google Ads traffic is proven to boost your Amazon rank and organic sales. You can read all about that by downloading Ampd’s incremental lift study right here!

Copy your ASIN now and check out how it will do on Google Ads! 

But if you still find the Ampd Benchmark tool confusing, you can directly reach out to Ampd and our Google experts can help you assess your ASIN and receive access to advertising solutions that will optimize your product listings on Amazon. 

You can sign up today for one of our plans or book a demo with us and get started on boosting your traffic!

Getting the word out there doesn’t have to be hard. It just has to be smart.

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