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From Google to Amazon: How to Drive More Traffic to Your Listings

Discover how you can improve your Amazon listings and use Google Ads effectively to attract new to brand customers and increase sales.

The Ampd Team

Dec 12, 2023

Traffic is the backbone of any Amazon listing. The more eyes on your products, the higher your chances of making sales. So, how can you increase visibility for your listings? That's where Google comes into play.

With its vast reach and powerful advertising tools, Google can be a major source of traffic for your Amazon listings. In this blog, we'll share practical strategies that you can use to leverage Google's power and significantly boost traffic to your listings.

Ready to get started? Let's dive in!

Google: The Mid Funnel Gateway to High Intent Customers

Google plays a significant role in the mid funnel journey - after all, its where high-intent customers are found: 59% of global shoppers say they research on Google before making a purchase. With its vast search engine dominance and Google Ads as its most powerful advertising platform, Google provides businesses with effective tools to reach and engage high-intent customers.

Picture this: The middle of the funnel is like the sweet spot in your customer's journey. It's the stage where people move from just knowing about your product to really thinking, "Is this what I need?" Your aim is now to turn these curious folks into loyal buyers. It's all about helping them through their research journey, making it a clear and colorful path to hitting that 'buy' button on your Amazon listings.

This is where Google Ads steps in, acting as a strategic bridge connecting high-intent customers to your Amazon storefront. Armed with your targeted campaigns, Google Ads springs into action, placing your product ads right before their eyes. These ads, carefully crafted to resonate with their interests, act as beacons, guiding them towards your Amazon listings.

Let's explore actionable strategies to channel external traffic directly from Google to your Amazon listings.

Off Amazon Traffic: 4 Strategies for Amazon Sellers

Simply listing your products on Amazon isn't enough to guarantee sales. To truly thrive, you need to expand your reach beyond Amazon's platform and tap into the vast potential of external to Amazon traffic. The goal is to not only enhance your Amazon store's visibility but also attract a continuous stream of conversion-ready traffic from Google.

Here are 4 proven strategies to drive off Amazon traffic and position your products as the preferred choice for high intent shoppers:

1. Precision Google Ads Targeting: Leverage Google Ads to reach your specific audience. Optimize keywords, craft compelling ad copy, and ensure your budget is strategically allocated to attract high-intent customers actively searching for products like yours. Check out these key reasons why global brands leverage Google Ads:

  • Grow market share
  • Capture mid funnel customers
  • Lower PPC cost
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Capture share of voice (SOV)
  • Protect and grow your brand

To find out if your product is a good fit for Google Ads, try Ampd's Benchmark tool today!

 2. SEO Optimized Amazon Listings: Enhance your product's discoverability by optimizing your listings for Google's search algorithms. Here are three key strategies to boost your Amazon product listings and drive targeted traffic:
  • Keyword Optimization: Identify relevant keywords that potential customers are using to search for products like yours. Strategically incorporate these keywords throughout your product titles and descriptions.
  • Content Quality: Create high quality, informative content that addresses the needs and interests of your target audience. Provide valuable insights, address common pain points, and include your product’s unique selling point.
  • High Quality Images: Boost image search visibility with high-quality images, optimized file names, alt tags, and relevant keywords.

3. Positive Customer Reviews and Ratings: Encourage positive customer reviews and ratings on your Amazon products and Google My Business. These reviews can significantly boost credibility and influence high intent customers.Enhance your product's discoverability by optimizing your listings for Google's search algorithms. Here are two key strategies to boost your Amazon product listings and drive targeted traffic:

4. Data-Driven Campaign Optimization: Regularly analyze performance metrics to refine your strategies. Let data guide your decisions for continuous improvement - with Ampd's comprehensive analytics dashboard, you can view keyword attribution, campaign performance, ROAS and TACoS in one place and seamlessly track your progress and gain actionable insights to drive traffic and sales.

Drive More Traffic to Your Amazon Store with Google Ads and Ampd

Google Ads doesn't just drive traffic; it drives the right kind of traffic: high-intent customers who are actively seeking products like yours. It's about connecting with them at the precise moment when they're most receptive, nurturing their interest, and guiding them effortlessly towards your Amazon listings.

With Google Ads and Ampd as your ally, you're not just reaching customers; you're building relationships, transforming casual browsers into loyal buyers, and fostering a thriving Amazon presence that will resonate for years to come.

Sign up with Ampd to leverage AI and easily build and scale your campaigns. Boost your profits and cut down on unnecessary ad costs using our intelligent advertising automation tools. Book a demo today!



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