How to Add Your Billing Information in Google Ads

Google Ads can be confusing, even the small tasks, which is why we’re here to help. A crucial part of the process that stumps people is ensuring that their billing information is filled out—which needs to be in place before your ads will run.

Unsure what you will be billed for? Let’s clarify before we walk you through the process of setting it up. 

In short, Google will bill you only for the actual clicks that your ad receives, which means that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. While the volume and cost per click will vary day to day, you will never be charged more than your monthly budget that you’ve set for your business.

Want more information on what CPC (cost per click is)? Check out our guide for beginners

Below are the steps to help you enter your billing information!

How to add your billing information in Google Ads

1. Sign into your Google Ads Account

2. There will be a red bar at the top of your account with a message saying “Your account cannot show ads" — to start running your ads, enter your billing information

Pro Tip: If you click Fix It, Google will bring you directly to the payment page 

3. You can either click Fix it or you can click into “Setting and Billing” at the top of your Google Ads Account

4. Click into “settings”

5. From settings, you can add your billing information

6. Once you have added your billing information, click save

After you have saved your billing information, it may take a couple days for your Google Ads campaign to learn your bidding strategy and for you to start seeing impressions.

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