Case Study

Titan Ignite Utilizes Ampd to Launch Google Ads to Amazon Across Multiple Brand

Effectively creating a new revenue-driving service offering which they can now offer to other brands they work with.

Who Is Titan Ignite?

Titan Ignite is a premier Amazon Ads PPC agency offering comprehensive sales, marketing, and account management services for Amazon brands and sellers. Dedicated to driving growth, Titan Ignite specializes in expanding the reach and success of Amazon brands through strategic advertising.


Titan Ignite and its brand managers are constantly seeking innovative and advanced PPC strategies to enhance their clients' Amazon sales. The goal is to find cutting-edge approaches that provide a competitive edge in the marketplace.


To accelerate growth and drive offsite traffic to Amazon, Titan Ignite partnered with Ampd to leverage Google Ads as a new marketing channel for their brands. This strategic move aimed to diversify their Amazon advertising approach and unlock additional sales potential through Google.

By integrating Google Ads into their marketing mix and partnering with Ampd, Titan Ignite was able to tap into new Google audiences and drive more traffic to their brand's Amazon storefronts, all with full keyword-level attribution.

Ampd's Value To Partnering With Titan Ignite

Ampd's software empowered Titan Ignite to effortlessly track and scale their Google Ads to Amazon campaigns through automated keyword-level attribution. This visibility allowed Titan brand managers to understand the impact of Google Ads on their Amazon brands, enabling them to make data-driven decisions to enhance performance across various Amazon brands.

Key Benefits

Easy Campaign Management: Ampd’s platform enabled Titan brand managers to launch, optimize, and scale their Google-to-Amazon campaigns with ease.

Effective Brand Building: With Ampd, Titan could efficiently build and launch new Amazon brands on Google, utilizing conversion tracking and automated Google Ads campaign creation.

Data-Driven Insights: Ampd's software provided keyword-level attribution, allowing Titan to track the precise impact of their Google Ads on Amazon sales and drive efficiency for their brands.

Ampd and Titan Scale Google to Amazon

Titan Ignite Scales Multiple Amazon Brands with Google

Titan Ignite strategically used Ampd's proprietary software to drive Google traffic to Amazon, aiming to convert new-to-brand shoppers into Amazon customers. Ampd’s platform provided the visibility needed to understand keyword-level attribution, ensuring Titan could optimize their Google to Amazon campaigns effectively.

Custom Google-to-Amazon Strategy

Ampd conducted a comprehensive analysis to help Titan identify the best brands to launch on Google. This involved extensive research into Amazon brands and their products, focusing on Google keyword volume and product insights. The result was a customized strategy tailored to Titan Ignite's specific goals and the unique needs of its brands.

Dedicated Support and Lasting Partnership

Titan Ignite partnered with a dedicated Ampd Account Manager who oversaw the Google-to-Amazon campaign strategy and optimizations. Regular bi-weekly meetings were held to review performance and refine strategies, ensuring continuous improvement and sustained growth.

Through this partnership, Titan Ignite successfully scaled multiple Amazon brands, demonstrating the powerful synergy between Ampd’s software and Titan’s strategic expertise.

Outcome Of The Partnership

Custom Google-to-Amazon strategies were efficiently launched and scaled across multiple Titan Amazon brands. The Ampd team partnered with the Titan brand managers to help create a repeatable process, to unlock a new stream of traffic for Amazon brands.

In addition, Titan was able to create a new revenue-driving service offering which they can now offer to other brands they work with. This helps them create competitive advantages to capture new business by having unique advertising capabilities.


"Integrating our brands with Ampd we've seen a boost in our ranks and sales across our brand portfolio. It's also helped during launches, we get that external traffic moving the flywheel from day 1 establishing organic ranks faster."

- Matthew Turvey, Titan Brand Manager