Case Study

Leveraging Google Ads to Amazon Automation to Generate $1M+ in Annualized New-to-Brand Revenue

Tinuiti deploys Ampd's platform to maximize space on Google and drive mid funnel traffic into their marketing funnel on Amazon. 

The Challenge

In the dynamic e-commerce landscape, enterprise brands are always looking to find innovative and new digital strategies to expand their reach and attract net new customers. 

Tinuiti, one of the largest independent marketing agencies, introduced one of their enterprise Amazon brands to Ampd to expand Amazon sales via a new channel - Google Ads.

The Brand

A premium automotive care brand partnered with Ampd to increase its mid-funnel traffic and leverage the power of Google to Amazon (G2A) as a new strategy, to expand its Amazon sales from offsite traffic.

Solution: Ampd Intelligence 

Ampd is a Google Ads to Amazon (G2A) platform that automates G2A keyword-level attribution via Amazon Attribution and automated bidding software for Google to Amazon campaigns. 

Ampd's proprietary technology is designed to help Amazon brands build and launch effective Google Ads campaigns that are tailored to their specific products on Amazon. 

Ampd’s Approach

The approach employed in this case study involved a strategic collaboration between the brand and Ampd, focusing on leveraging the power of Google's Search capabilities to drive targeted traffic directly to Amazon product category storefront pages.



With this comprehensive approach, Ampd aimed to maximize the visibility of the brand's products, increase new-to-brand customer reach, and drive overall Amazon sales growth through the strategic use of Google-to-Marketplace advertising.

The Results

Using Ampd’s technology, the brand was successful in accomplishing its goal of accessing a new-to-brand audience, maximizing its presence on Google search results, and driving Off-Amazon clicks to its Amazon store. 

In Quarter 1 (January-March) of 2024, the brand served 865,000 impressions and generated 83,000 clicks from Google, tapping into a new audience of qualified consumers and increasing the velocity of their Amazon flywheel. This new channel traffic generated +$255,000 of additional revenue for the brand

This does not include revenue produced outside of the 14-day attribution window, revenue produced through retargeting initiatives, or revenue generated through the retail flywheel effect as a result of the increase in traffic and sales velocity.




Month 1 

The brand initially launched with a conservative budget in January
to test the platform’s potential to meet its goals. In January, Ampd campaigns created:

  • +126,700 impressions 
  • +11,649 clicks from Google To Amazon 
  • +942 conversions

=   +$28,815 Incremental Revenue

Month 2

After seeing success in January, Ampd and the client teams agreed that there was an opportunity to expand spend in February. Month 2 represented a 176% increase in budget allocation. Resulting in:

  • +318,074 impressions
  • +29,902 clicks
  • +3,449 conversions

=   + $87,481 Incremental Revenue

Month 3

Recognizing the continued potential to scale, the client increased budgets by 38% in March to attain additional impression share and further increase market saturation. Resulting in:

  • +420,000 impressions
  • +41,400 clicks
  • +6,002 conversions

=   +$139,189 Incremental Revenue

Ampd Intelligence Feature Set

Coupled with a robust campaign strategy, the brand also benefited from Ampd’s platform technology, including:

Ampd Protect intelligently protects your G2A campaigns by reducing ad spend on portions of the campaign that are not meeting performance, once they have enough data. 

Ampd Predictive Bid-Manager is the industry's first to automate bidding to maximize for conversions on marketplaces.

Since Amazon does not share conversion data with Google, bid strategies in Google such as “Maximize for Conversions” or “TROAS” can not be leveraged in G2A campaigns. For this reason, Ampd developed its own proprietary automated bidding algorithm, which allowed this automotive brand to leverage Ampd Bidding to maximize conversions. 

Ampd automatically models out probability distributions for impressions, clicks, average order values, and conversion rates on every keyword. These sophisticated models are designed to maximize revenue or efficiency for Google to Amazon campaigns, allowing brands to set target clicks, conversions, AACOS, and let Ampd Predictive Bid-Manager self-optimize to hit those targets.

Ampd’s Ad placement on Google

The Ampd campaign strategy resulted in top placements for text ads in Google’s search results, showing the brand's products on targeted keywords. These top placements resulted in strong engagement from high intent shoppers and ultimately produced new customers.

As reflected in the picture below, the brand was able to maximize its presence on Google with a combination of advertising types and targets. The search results are completely saturated with brand representation, with Google shopping ads in the top carousel, a traditional Google Ad to their DTC site, and an Ampd Google Ad going to Amazon, for shoppers who are more comfortable buying on Amazon.

This strategy offers consumers more options for engaging with the brand and protects the brand against competition. 


Maximizing Ampd Traffic With Amazon DSP

In addition to leveraging Ampd’s sophisticated G2A strategy, the brand also engaged in a refined Amazon DSP remarketing strategy to target new consumers and improve the probability of a sale. These strategies include:

  • ASIN remarketing: Re-targeting shoppers who viewed your product on Amazon but didn’t buy anything
  • Purchased ASIN remarketing: Re-targeting shoppers who have purchased one of your products and will most likely purchase again
  • Brand halo remarketing: Re-targeting shoppers who viewed other products from your brand

Knowing that Ampd’s traffic is valuable and that its customers have a 3x purchase rate on average, this brand utilized sophisticated strategies to continue to inject high-intent potential customers into its Amazon funnel. 

This collaborative approach allowed the brand to maximize the sales potential of its off-Amazon audience and increased the probability of a new-to-brand conversion.

This partnership successfully enabled this brand to access the power of Google-to-Amazon traffic to generate an additional 1M+ in annualized revenue from new-to-brand customers.


Tinuiti's collaboration with Ampd highlights the transformative impact of Ampd's Google to Amazon platform. By leveraging Ampd's advanced technology, Tinuiti successfully optimized their Google to Amazon campaigns for their CPG brand, hitting their revenue and customer acquisition targets with precision.