Case Study

Squatty Potty Utilizes Ampd’s Software To Grow Amazon With Google Ads

17.11% CTR

Click Through Rates (CTR) of over 17.11% on external traffic ads

13.68% ATC

Add To Cart rates of over 13.68% on Google to Amazon campaigns

7.88 CVR

Conversion Rates of over 7.88% on Google to Amazon campaigns


Squatty Potty is on a mission to improve bathroom health around the world. Featured on Shark Tank, they invented the Squatty Potty, a stool that helps straighten your colon and provides a healthier way to go #2.

The brand was looking to increase its Amazon sales from a new traffic source, Google Ads. Utilizing Ampd's software ensured that they had a successful way of tracking their Google to Amazon performance, allowing them to scale their external traffic.

Squatty Potty partnered with Ampd to automate their Google-to-Amazon advertising campaigns.


Ampd provided Squaty Potty with keyword-level attribution from Amazon, for their Google ads campaigns. With a centralized dashboard for reporting on Google Ads performance and Amazon sales performance side-by-side, Squatty Potty was effectively able to monitor the full-funnel performance of their ad strategy.

Ampd’s Google to Amazon Solution:

  • Automated keyword attribution on Google to Amazon campaigns
  • Custom Google to Amazon storefront strategy and optimizations
  • Easy-to-use dashboard to track and scale Google to Amazon campaigns

Ampd helped Squatty Potty drive New-to-Brand customers from Google and increase their Amazon sales.