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From 103% to 60%: How Ampd Pro Lowered Down Harmony Code's ACOS

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Harmony Code was looking for a way to manage their Amazon rank and find new customers to continue growing their brand. They wanted to try using Google Ads, knowing that Amazon's ranking algorithm heavily weights Google traffic. If they could build quality Google campaigns and send quality traffic to their listings, they knew they could increase total sales.

Enter Ampd

Ampd’s cutting edge self-serve technology provides the best guided path to launch a customized Google Ads to Amazon campaign (makes it easy!) and automatically applies Amazon Attribution to the campaign.

Ampd uses its proprietary technology to first launch the best ad for the specific Amazon product then uniquely and accurately connect Google and Amazon data to reveal precisely which Google Keywords drove “add to carts” and which drove “conversions/sales”, to deliver the Amazon Seller the curated visibility and action clicks to hone in on the highest performing keywords to continually improve campaign performance. All done in just a few clicks and without ever leaving Ampd.

The Results

Harmony Code turned on several campaigns and with the help of Ampd’s training and were able to  drive high quality traffic to their Amazon Product listings to improve rank and find new customers. Direct ACOS had been around 103% for their campaigns (prior to implementing optimization strategies), but the impact has been much bigger as the weight Amazon puts on Google traffic has resulted in an increase in total sales. 

With Ampd's PRO service, we were able to perform deep optimizations and hone in on high performing keywords to improve the quality of traffic and drive down ACOS.

The screenshot below shows Harmony Codes campaign ACOS of 103% for one of their products, before Ampd's Pro service's optimization strategies.

Google_Ads_Performance_-_Harmony_Code_-_Ampd 1

This screenshot shows the results of Ampd's Pro service optimizing their campaign and improving the ACOS from  103% to a split campaign. The split campaign was then lowered to 76%  and 70%  The true ACOS after the brand referral bonus is 66% and 60% and does not include the hallo effect on total sales. 


“I've seen great results with Ampd's technology. Total Sales are increasing and, with the Pro plan, I can focus on my business and they make sure I am getting high quality traffic from Google"

- Marcela, Founder and CEO at Harmony Code

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