Dwarfs.io leverages Google Ads with Ampd for successful product launches


Dwarfs.io knows the power of Google Ads in driving rank during product launches.

Historically, Google Ads has been a helpful resource to help drive rank and kickstart a new product. However, if they could just automate campaign setup and get a deeper level of Attribution data, they new Google Ads could go from a "helpful" tool, to a "powerful" tool in their product launch arsenal.

Enter Ampd

Ampd’s cutting edge self-serve technology provides the best guided path to launch a customized Google Ads to Amazon campaign (makes it easy!) and automatically applies Amazon Attribution to the campaign.

Ampd uses its proprietary technology to first launch the best ad for the specific Amazon product then uniquely and accurately connect Google and Amazon data to reveal precisely which Google Keywords drove “add to carts” and which drove “conversions/sales”, to deliver the Amazon Seller the curated visibility and action clicks to hone in on the highest performing keywords to continually improve campaign performance. All done in just a few clicks and without ever leaving Ampd.

The Results

Dwarfs.io uses Ampd to feed external traffic into Amazon's ranking algorithm to drive rank and total sales during product launches.

They lean on Ampd to help them quickly create strong campaigns and then rely on Ampd's unique keyword level attribution data to improve the quality of traffic over time and the impact on.

This screenshot shows Ampd helping Dwarf.io obtain 36% and 39% ACOS on product launch campaigns. While the ACOS is good to see, this only tells a small portion of the impact external traffic has had on these product launches as it props up organic rank and many of those "Add to Carts" will eventually convert, improving the ACOS over time.



“We know external traffic is important for product launches and driving rank as we have used Google ads for years. Ampd technology has given us the best results from external traffic and has become a key tool for successful product launches.” 

-Glenn, External Traffic Manager at Dwarfs.io