Comfort-Living brand uses Ampd to boost Total Amazon sales 

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The Backstory

A global manufacturer and brand owner of a comfort-living brand, was looking to boost its brand awareness and total sales on Amazon. They were managing an active on-Amazon PPC strategy for their brand/storefront but were wanting a solution to expand their marketing efforts beyond traditional Amazon PPC.

They sell two brands under their single Amazon storefront:

The first brand offers a wide range of products, to support mobility and comfort. Their products are dedicated to comfort and well-being. Their second brand is an adult incontinence brand, dedicated to providing high-quality, comfortable, and discreet products for those dealing with incontinence.

Why Ampd?

Ampd's proprietary technology would allow this brand to accurately send Google Search traffic (off-Amazon marketing) directly to their Amazon ASIN product listing and storefront pages on Amazon. This is done by Ampd’s software, which connects to Google Ads data (Cost, Impressions, Clicks, etc) and ties that with Amazon sales data from Amazon Attribution (Add to Carts, Conversions, Revenue, Brand Referral Bonus), all while automating Amazon Attribution, at an ASIN and keyword level.

This brand now could see which product searches on Google were generating click volume to their Amazon branded store, and which of those clicks from Google resulted in ‘add to carts’, ‘conversions’, and ultimately ‘revenue’, thanks to Ampd.

Goals With Ampd

In conjunction with this brand managing its own on-Amazon PPC marketing, the main goal of working with Ampd was to use Ampd to boost total reach and brand awareness on Google directed towards Amazon, in order to increase total Amazon sales. Leveraging Google Ads to Amazon (G2A) as a new marketing channel would allow the brand to expand its omnichannel marketing efforts outside of the traditional Amazon PPC ecosystem.

The brand came to Ampd knowing Ampd’s Google Ads to Amazon (G2A) solution would allow them to automate Amazon Attribution, gaining access to ASIN and keyword-level tracking for their Google Ads campaigns directly to Amazon-branded store pages.

The Ampd Direct Results

The performance of the Ampd Google Ads to Amazon campaigns is shown below.

image-png-Mar-22-2023-01-44-18-7786-PM (3)


True Cost = Cost - Brand Referral Bonus (BRB)

$11,101.67 - $2,631.68 =  True Cost of $8,469.99

Total Additional Sales: 568

Total Additional Revenue: $25,713.85

Total ‘Add To Carts’: 1,011

True AACOS: True Cost / Revenue = True AACOS.

$8,469.99 / $25.713.85 = True AACOS 32%


While Google Ads produced a positive true AACOS, the full impact of adding Google Ads to this brand's omnichannel growth strategy could be seen when looking at Total Sales for their branded storefronts.

#1: Total Branded Store Uplift 

Their first brand saw direct sales and a strong AACOS from their Ampd Google Ads campaigns. This brand also saw total sales for their Amazon store increase compared to the month prior to launching Ampd. Below is a review of their Amazon store metrics, post-Ampd compared to pre-Ampd.

Here is how Google Ads impacted their overall brand's performance:

Total Visitors increased by 459% 

Total Sales increased by 69%

Total Units Sold increased by 66%

Total Orders increased by 62%


#2: Total Branded Store Uplift

Their second brand also saw a major increase in total Amazon sales thanks to adding Google Ads to their marketing mix. On top of a positive AACOS directly in Ampd, this brand saw the biggest lift in total Amazon sales. Below is a review of their Amazon store metrics, post-Ampd compared to pre-Ampd.

Here is how Google Ads impacted their overall brand's performance:

Total Visitors increased by 1,146%

Total Sales Increased by 344%

Total Units Sold increased by 307%

Total Orders increased by 290%

Organic Search Term Rank Improvement

With Ampd's software, this brand could also track the organic search term rank performance on Amazon, for a chosen group of keywords. Ampd does not do anything to manipulate those rankings on Amazon but simply tracks them alongside launching the Ampd Google Ads campaigns.

This allowed the brand to track organic keyword ranking performance on Amazon, knowing that external traffic/sales to Amazon help to boost organic ranking and performance.

Pre-Ampd: The keyword "seat cushion" organically on Amazon was showing as position "Rank Too High" (first arrow below) due to the position of that keyword on Amazon being past position 100+.

Post-Ampd: Launching an Ampd G2A campaign for this product and tracking the organic rank for that keyword in Ampd, this brand could see how that keyword has improved in ranking to position #28 on Amazon (second arrow below). 
Organic search term rank

In Summary

By using Ampd's G2A solution, this brand was able to expand its Amazon brand reach and boost brand awareness for its products and storefront, beyond its existing Amazon PPC efforts. The use of new Google Ads to drive new traffic to their Amazon product listings and storefronts, allowed the brand to tap into a new source of potential customers who may not have been actively searching for their products on Amazon.

Ampd's technology allowed them to accurately track and analyze the impact of their G2A campaigns on Amazon sales, down to the ASIN and keyword level.

This level of granular data allowed the brand to optimize its G2A campaigns and maximize its ROI. Overall, by combining their on-Amazon PPC efforts with Ampd's G2A solution, they were able to effectively reach new audiences, increasing brand awareness and driving more sales on Amazon.