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Winning at Prime Day 2023: Five Steps to Optimize Your Amazon ROI

Prime Day is Amazon’s biggest event and our buyers won’t miss it for the world. Find out how to make the most of it through these five steps!

The Ampd Team

Jun 08, 2023

Prime Day is such a fantastic event on Amazon! It's the perfect time for sellers to showcase their products and attract new buyers with amazing deals. This two-day extravaganza is eagerly awaited by everyone, and it's no wonder why. With the right strategy, Amazon sellers can boost their sales and increase their income.

However, how can we ensure that this year’s Prime Day is a success for your brand? This part gets tricky, especially with a lot of tips available in the online world, one would be confused about which sleeve they should pull on to attract customers. You have to be extra careful because your account might get banned if you resort to the wrong tips.

That is why on Prime Day, it’s crucial that your advertising methods secure sales and not sabotage your business. Ampd has found five campaign strategies that can unleash the potential of your products and maximize your ROI on Amazon’s Prime Day.

Tip 1: Conduct Thorough Product Research

The first step to kick off your sales on Prime Day is simple! Product research can help you identify products with potential sales that are easier to negotiate with customers. You can also utilize various Amazon data and analytic tools for your research like AMZ Tracker, Jungle Scout, DataHawk, and more!

Through these analytic tools, you can find product categories that are on the trends and scour for brands with a low volume of competition. Products within these listings are easier to promote and sell on Prime Day.

Find out more about conducting product research through this blog!

Tip 2: Optimize Your Product Listings

By optimizing your product listings, you can enhance the visibility of your products in search results. This can broaden your reach to your target audience and attract more customers. You can achieve this by creating compelling and informative product titles, enticing product descriptions, and comprehensive bullet points. Additionally, uploading high-quality product images and videos can improve your products' presentability and help drive more sales.

You can also conduct keyword research relative to the niche of your product to further boost your item’s visibility in the market. For more information, you can also read the blog written by AMZScout about Amazon listing optimization to have a more in-depth understanding of optimizing your product listings!

Make sure to try out SmartScout, Sellesta, and ZonGuru to assist you in your product listings! They are known to be convenient in helping you optimize your product listings on Amazon.

Tip 3: Leverage Social Media and Influencer Marketing

Social media is the most effective way to get the word out to your target market. It has the power to generate buzz and anticipation before Prime Day arrives. If you have the budget, you can collaborate with influencers to reach a wider audience and boost the excitement of upcoming deals.

But for a budget-friendly solution, you can opt to run campaigns on your social media account and arrange contests to generate engagement to your accounts and secure more buyers before Prime Day!

Tip 4: Harness the Power of Google Ads for Amazon

Utilizing Google Ads for Amazon can triple your visibility and promote your products online. Most Amazon merchants don’t realize this and prefer to stick to Amazon’s advertising machinery since they don’t think the investment is wise, considering how 40% of online product searches begin on Google.

This simply entails that the returns Google Ads can bring you are impressive, considering if you implemented the right tactics like targeting at the right audience on Prime Day. What you need to ensure is that your ad copy and keywords are optimized on your ads to gain the maximum click-through rates as much as possible. Wondering if your product is a great fit for Google Ads? Test it out on our ROI tool now!

You can also use the Ampd Benchmark engine and assess your product’s ASIN if it’s optimized for a Google Ads campaign or not.

Tip 5: Offer Irresistible Deals and Promotions

Deals and promotions on Amazon’s Prime Day can be the lifeline of a successful launch of your campaign. Your consumers can’t wait to avail of your products once they see you’re giving off a 30% discount. However, you have to consider a lot of factors before giving out discounts. Otherwise, you won’t get much ROI from sinking the prices excessively.

Aside from competitive pricing, irresistible discounts, and limited-time offers during Prime Day, you can also opt to offer bundles and dispatch items that have been staying too long in your inventory. However, aside from making your offers irresistible, you also have to make a way how they can make a quick decision to purchase your deals in that instant. 

A clever way to accomplish this is through offering lightning deals and flash sales to create urgency in your customers’ choices. They are very effective in sales and can ensure up to at least 70% guarantee that they will go through the purchase in an instant!


Prime Day is a great opportunity to boost your sales but only if you implement the right move for the event. You have to be prepared through gathering enough data by conducting product research and competitor analysis. It’s also important to ensure your product listings are optimized to boost your search visibility. Furthermore, leveraging social media and Google Ads is one sure way of spreading the word to everyone about the deals you’re offering during the event. Also, don’t forget to offer deals they can’t resist pushing the ‘checkout’ button!

There are a lot of means to take advantage of Prime Day and it’s up to you how you can use these tips to the best of your abilities. Amazon can’t wait to celebrate this day with you. So, go ahead and make your move! Prepare the most irresistible offers your buyers won’t ever turn down.

If you’re interested in using Google Ads for your business, come and book a demo with Ampd!

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