My Google Ads Account Is Suspended. Now What?

Congratulations on getting started with your Google Ads journey!

If you're reading this, you've already taken the steps to get set up or are doing a vetting of your existing Google Ads account—great—but are having a trouble with an account suspension.

While we at Ampd are ready to help supercharge your ads using our tool, there are some things that we can't exactly help you with outright—and un-suspending your Google Ads account is one of them.

The suspension is on Google's end, so we have no control over it. You'll need to reach out to them directly to resolve, but we typically see it’s been suspended because of one of the following reasons:

  • You created multiple accounts for one business or domain.
  • There are suspicious payments in your account. 
  • You've violated one or more Google Ads policies.

How to reach out Google directly:

1) Log in to your Google Ads account—through

2) Look for the banner (in bright red that's across the top).

3) Click “CONTACT US” on the top right corner.

Pretty straightforward, yes?

Here are some extra resources from Google on suspensions:

1. About Google Ads account suspensions

2. Review Process

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