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Fast-Track Your Amazon Brand Growth with This Game-Changing Tip

Doing This Will Boost Your RoAS, Increase Your AOV & Grow Your Amazon Brand Fast

The Ampd Team

Jan 24, 2023

As an Amazon seller, you’re up against thousands of other brands in your category and related categories, which means you need to be strategic and take advantage of every tool Amazon gives you to sell more. 

Setting yourself apart from the competition isn’t easy, but there’s one thing you can do that’s sure to make waves. 


Build your own Amazon Store

Apart from increasing your sales volume, having a well-branded Amazon Storefront can protect your brand name, boost your organic rankings, help you cross-sell and upsell qualified shoppers, and more.

There are so many incredible benefits of having a Storefront (with no downsides), which is why we’re spilling the tea in this blog on all of the perks of having an Amazon Store.

For example, did you know that driving external traffic to an Amazon Storefront converts 2-3x higher than sending shoppers to a product detail page? 

If you’re looking for proven ways to skyrocket your sales, maximize your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), boost your average order value (AOV), and rank higher on Amazon, then keep reading. 


Here are 5 reasons to set up a well-built Amazon Store right now: 

1) Build trust and product credibility with shoppers

Amazon Stores look entirely different from any listing and offer shoppers more insight into a brand’s product line. This truly gives your brand an edge over competitors who don’t have an Amazon Store. 

Storefronts also offer you more real estate and creative freedom so you can tell your brand story, build credibility, establish a relationship with shoppers, and easily upsell your other products.

With that additional real estate, you can (and you should) go into a lot more detail about each product’s features and benefits. This gives you the chance to more accurately depict your products and set expectations right, which means you’ll be able to avoid returns from unhappy customers. 

And since Amazon Storefronts are like microsites with multiple pages, you have a lot more room for compelling photos, lifestyle imagery, and infographics to do the selling for you. 


When you share your brand story, do listeners find it interesting? Do you have a special giveback program where you donate a percentage of your sales to a nonprofit? Are you passionate about your products and does your story tug at heartstrings? Sharing these sweet details in your Store will inspire potential customers and help you connect with them on a much deeper level.


2) Prevent competitors from stealing your sales

Let’s go back to the fact that driving external traffic to your Amazon Store results in up to 3X the conversions. Just in case you’re wondering how, we’ll explain why this happens. 

When you’re browsing Amazon as a shopper and end up on a product listing, what do you see? Ads. Ads everywhere. On the other hand, when you check out a brand’s Storefront, you won’t see a single ad. 

That means any time you’re paying to send Google Ads traffic to your Amazon Store instead of your listing, you’re able to completely bypass your competition and keep shoppers focused on your products only. Sending shoppers to your Storefront prevents sponsored ads from showing up and stealing your potential sales.

Don’t hesitate to highlight what makes your product(s) better than your competitors. Use the extra space in your Amazon Store to clearly explain and show all the ways your product beats the others whether it’s by offering more color options, higher quality materials, a larger size, bonus accessories, a lower price, and so on. 


3) Increase your conversions, AOV, and appeal to aggregators 

Having a visually appealing Storefront that features a collection of your subcategories and products makes it easy for shoppers to see everything you offer. Especially if your products are complementary, a nicely branded Amazon Store can greatly increase your AOV by cross-selling shoppers on a second or third item. 

Only have one or two ASINs? Storefronts are still beneficial for single-product sellers because you can use your Store to showcase all of your variants whether there are different colors, multiple sizes, or flavors. 

You can also upload product videos, demo videos, infographics, and lifestyle photography showing your product in use. By educating shoppers on your products before this land on your listing page, you’re also able to safeguard your listing’s conversion rate and protect your hard-earned ranking

When you can offer shoppers a more enjoyable shopping experience, your chance of converting them into customers greatly increases. 

Did we mention that aggregators and investors look for sellers who have established brands? If you’re looking to exit your company with maximum profits, having an Amazon Storefront is a must. 


4) Get eye-opening performance insights from Amazon

Amazon rewards sellers with Storefronts by giving them more data on their store performance, shopper buying behavior, page views, conversion rates, and so much more. 

These insights can help Store owners like you improve your customer shopping experience and offers intel that the competition doesn’t have. 

By combining your Storefront analytics with findings from your product detail pages, you can dramatically improve your listings and your Storefront’s sellability to positively impact your sales and conversions. 


5) Gain Store followers and improve your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) 

Because Amazon has dominion over your customers and limits your contact with them, it can be a struggle to spread awareness about your new product launches and promos. 

With an Amazon Store, you can grow your followers and send potential customers direct emails. When shoppers follow your Storefront, they opt-in to receive notifications from your brand. 

But how do you get more followers so you can reach more people with your announcements? You can include a call to action on Amazon Live, include the +Follow button in your Amazon Posts, and of course, promote your Amazon Store using off-Amazon methods like on social media. 

Naturally, as you drive more traffic to your Amazon Store, you will gain more followers. With more Storefront followers, you’ll be able to increase your overall sales and your CLV. 

Ready to start driving qualified traffic to a high-converting Amazon Storefront? 

There are just two things you need to do before launching your first Storefront campaign. First, enroll your business in Amazon Brand Registry if you haven’t already. Next, build out your Amazon Store! 

If you need help creating a high-converting Amazon Storefront, our team of experts at Ampd designs and builds Custom Amazon Storefront Landing Pages that turn Google shoppers into your Amazon customers. 

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