How to Set Up Conversion Tracking for Your Shopify Store

As a Shopify merchant, you want to make sure you're set for success in tracking the conversions being sent to your store.

There are a few ways to do this—you can do it yourself in Google Ads, you can pay someone to set it up for you, or you can install the Google Shopping App, which sets up conversion tracking for you.

In the post, we're going to walk you through that first option, as we know that's the preference for many ecommerce merchants—and we want to help!

How to Set Up Conversion Tracking for your Shopify Store

1. Go to

2. Search and addAdd: Google Channel by Shopify

3. Once you have installed the app you will get to an overview page

4. Once you sign in with your Google email, click over into “Settings”

5. Scroll down the page to “Google Ads Account” and connect your Google Ads account

If you don’t have a Google Ads Account, Ampd can help get you started. (Go back to Ampd and create a Google Ads account, or you can connect an existing account.)

6. Once you have connected your Google Ads Account you will see this message...

7. Click the "Google Ads Account" link that's hyperlinked within the message

8. You will be redirected to your Google Ads Account

9. Go to Tools and Settings and click “Conversions”

10. You should see “Google Shopping App Purchase” under conversion action and “Purchase” under category

And you're all set!

Shopify store has conversion tracking set up, which means you'll be able to see how your Google ad is performing and connect it to your bottom line.

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