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Agencies: Expanding Client Revenue Streams with Managed Google Ads

Unlock new revenue opportunities for your clients and drive growth for their brand with Google Ads.

The Ampd Team

Feb 02, 2023

For your agency to maximize its profits and become a distinguished firm, you need to be constantly innovating and expanding your line of services. 

By staying ahead of the curve with your service offerings, you can greatly increase the customer lifetime value for your agency and attract new clients. 

If you serve Amazon sellers as your primary clientele, you’re probably already managing Amazon PPC for many of them. If not, it’s a must and something we highly recommend exploring. 

But what about helping your clients reach more new customers off Amazon? 

Driving external traffic to Amazon makes Amazon insanely happy, but for the sake of improving or maintaining your client’s Amazon ranking, you shouldn’t be sending just any external traffic to their listing. 

After Amazon, the fastest growing product search engine is Google. We all know Google as the leader in search engine technology and online advertising—but now it’s where most of us are looking before we finalize our next purchase. 


Why Google users are the best audience to target  

Using Google Ads to reach new customers can be a highly profitable method of marketing. 

Here’s how we know Google users are worth targeting for more Amazon sales:  

1) Google users convert higher 

Sellers should never ever send ice-cold traffic straight to their Amazon listing. 
By targeting relevant keywords that users are already searching on Google, you’re able to focus on potential buyers who are actually in the market to buy X and are more likely to be a customer. They are literally searching for a similar product to solve their problem. 

Alternatively, someone who is just scrolling on Facebook or TikTok will be less likely to purchase, negatively impacting your client’s conversion rate and ranking.

2) Fewer competitors are running Google Ads 

When you search for a product on Amazon, it’s common to see hundreds of competitors’ listings in Amazon search results. Everywhere is littered with sponsored ads from competitive sellers who are selling similar, sometimes cheaper items. 

On the other hand, driving Google Ads traffic straight to your listing or store means fewer distractions and lower chances of your potential customer getting sidetracked and choosing another product.  

3) Amazon likes Google traffic and it improves your ranking 

Google is reputable to Amazon and everyone else. In fact, Amazon runs its own Google ads for nearly a quarter of keywords they already rank organically for on page one. 

Also, with more Google Ads traffic comes more sales which boost a seller’s ranking on its own. 

But before you invest in hiring a Google expert or educating your current team members to manage Google Ad campaigns, we’ll discuss exactly how to use this platform to effectively increase sales for your clients.  

When you tell your clients that you specialize in managing Google Ad accounts for top-tier sellers, there’s no arguing—you’re going to get more business from them! 

But how do you avoid letting them down and ensure a positive ROI (Return on Ad Spend)? 

How do you get the results without losing money for your agency and spending too much time to get those results? 

4) How to ensure profitable Google Ads for seller clients on autopilot 

Offering a new service to your clients only makes sense if it’s beneficial for you and for them. 

Here’s how to add Google Ads to your agency’s service list and guarantee great results without spending hours on ad management: 

5) 5 minutes to get up and running 

This means creating a new Google Ad account for your client and launching their first ad campaign. It’s true, you can do it all in just five minutes—as long as it takes to brew your favorite K-Cup, add cream and sugar, and get back to your desk. 

With Ampd (that’s our software), launching and managing Google Ad campaigns for your Amazon seller clients can be quick and highly effective. And with the rapid results and clear analytics from your Google Ads with Ampd, you’ll be able to maintain client relationships for longer and even smooth some old ones over. 

6) Better results for clients that you can prove

Until now, Amazon attribution and analytics from off-Amazon marketing tactics have caused a lot of headaches, suffering, and wasted ad dollars.  

Thanks to Ampd’s connection to Seller Central and our Google and Amazon partnerships, we’re able to help sellers and agencies launch campaigns in seconds and increase monthly revenue with a fully automated management platform. 

7) All the analytics you couldn’t get your hands on before

While sellers and other agencies are scratching their heads trying to get Amazon attribution links to work, you can see it in seconds with Ampd. 

All of your clients’ conversion and attribution data gets added to your Ampd dashboard so you can easily see what’s working, quickly optimize, and share progress with your clients in an instant. 

If you’re serious about expanding your list of Amazon seller services and you want to explore Google Ads, we at Ampd are here for you.

8) Try Ampd to automate your clients’ most profitable Google Ads ever

To make Google Ads as a service both profitable and seamless for your agency, it’s important to shorten the learning curve and leverage all of the help your team can get. 

When you sign up for Ampd, you’ll be able to: 

9) Leverage private onboarding & 60-Day Campaign Optimization with our Ampd agency team 

To ensure your success and your client’s success from the very beginning, we offer an initial onboarding meeting as well as ongoing training so you can get the most out of the Ampd platform and your ad dollars. 

Even better, agencies who use Ampd get complimentary campaign reviews and optimization tips from our experts for the first 60 days.  

10) Access our Google Ad experts, marketing pros & helpful tutorial videos 

Our Ampd team is made up of passionate marketers and technology masters with experience in marketing thousands of products on Google. We have more than 25 years of combined experience using the Google Ads platform, so we’re confident we can help you reach your clients’ goals. 

Agencies can also take advantage of the multiple Ampd instructional videos to get better results for clients month over month. 

11) Enjoy financial benefits and credits when you use Ampd

At Ampd, we like incentives. This is why we’re giving $500 in Google Ad credit for each brand that signs up. It’s just another great reason to try Ampd and you can pass that added bonus along to your clients when they add Google Ads to their contract with you. 

Did we forget to mention that Amazon offers sellers a 10% Brand Referral Bonus for every sale they get from external traffic?

If you’re ready to expand your agency services and win more clients with Google Ads, click here to learn more about Ampd for Agencies and our private agency portal certification.

Our team is ready to give you the tools to help you set your agency apart from other Amazon marketing agencies and turn your 6-figure Amazon seller clients into 7 and 8-figure earners.

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