Ampd Ads for Amazon Sellers

Massively boost organic sales by driving Google traffic to

your Amazon product pages


Spike your Best Seller rank and dominate your category

Amazon increases your Seller Rank when you drive external traffic to your product pages, resulting in sustainable organic sales.


Get up to $150 Google Ads credit for new accounts

Through Ampd, you can easily set up your first Google Ads account in a few clicks and you get up to $150 in free advertising.


Launch a campaign in less than 5 minutes

It's easy to advertise on Google through Ampd. Set your budget, create your ad and launch in minutes.


*For accounts spending less than $2,000 USD/month on Ampd campaigns

Why Google Ads are Important

More than three billion searches are made on Google every single day, and many of those users are actively shopping for products like yours.

You don’t want to miss out on getting in front of those potential customers—and Ampd can help! We offer the fastest, simplest, and most effective way to get started with Google Ads and improve your visibility on Amazon.

Reclining Lawn Chair

With Ampd, this Seller Rank went from #1,222 to #13

Ampd Flywheel

Amazon's Five Factors to increase Best Seller and product rank

Why It's Effective

External traffic is a key driver in Amazon's algorithm, and you can improve your Amazon Best Seller Rank and Product Rank by funneling Google's search users to your product listing through Google ads. (In addition to getting outright sales!)

What Success Looks Like

Seller Rank Climb

Over the first 90 days, Seller Rank will fluctuate daily but stair-step up and to the right.

BRB Program

Amazon Attribution users can earn a bonus averaging 10% of product sales driven by Ampd.

Organic Sales

Sellers will experience the flywheel effect with the increase of organic sales.

Our Customers

90% of users see their Seller Rank increase after using Ampd to send Google traffic to their Amazon products.

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