Amplify your Ecommerce Potential

Ampd’s advanced AI & Machine Learning enables brands to automate and maximize off-marketplace advertising strategies

Harness the power of automation with Ampd

In the ever-evolving ecommerce landscape, timely, accurate data is necessary to chart your path. Ampd’s platform let’s you:

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Respond quickly and intelligently to competitive market conditions
Elevate your brand across the world’s largest search engine
Automate and scale marketing operations with AI and machine learning

Forward-thinking brands rely on Ampd

Translate your goals into business impact

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Discover how 38 top brands experienced a staggering 31% average incremental lift in organic sales by simply tapping into this powerful strategy.

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Profitably scale Google ads

Drive higher brand awareness, get discovered more, and drive incremental lift! Ampd helps brands grow with the right balance of sales strategy and product-level efficiencies.

Drive incremental organic sales

Focus on revenue growth paths that prioritize new sales and a coordinated channel strategy that protects the brand and drives incremental organic sales.

Grow Market Share

Capture market share through omnichannel strategies that automate and align your goals while improving ROAS, TACoS and organic sales.

Built for scale

Built for scale

Build and scale multiple campaigns from your dashboard

First to market

First to market

Our proprietary software is built in partnership with world experts



with leading brands & agencies


What our customers say

"You guys are the thought leaders in this industry from my prospective. When I started your service my organic sales have skyrocketed"

Kyle, I-Med Animal Health

“Ampd’s technology allowed me to effectively add Google Ads into my Amazon growth strategy. By leveraging Ampd + Google Ads, I am able to feed external traffic to my Amazon products, impacting my Amazon ranking and generating new to brand customers with a profitable LTV.”

Al Flores, The Veggie Doctor

“We have had a 10 K lift in organic sales since turning on Google. and the only thing we changed is adding Google Ads. that's a 17% lift in revenue”

Terry, Ampd Customer

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