Omnichannel TACoS:

The Power Of Omnichannel Marketing on Amazon and How to Measure It.

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Webinar Details:

Transform your Amazon business with an effective omnichannel marketing strategy. Join our exclusive webinar on June 8th at 8 am PT to learn strategies on how to add additional channels to your marketing mix, and for the first time ever, measure multichannel TACoS to see exactly how Google Ads is impacting TACoS and Organic sales.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Incremental lift study revealed Google Ads boosts Amazon organic sales by 31%….Join us to find out how you can replicate this!
  • Unveiling Ampd’s TACoS Dashboard: Combining Google and Amazon Data to understand how profitable an omnichannel approach can be for your business.
  • Elevate Your Success: Learn to set up high-performing Google Ads and measure their impact on your sales.