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From getting started with Ampd to understanding the steps of setting up remarketing campaigns, our library of content is here to help you during every single step of your Google Ads journey.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Ampd do?

Ampd is the ad automation toolkit that amplifies efforts and ad dollars, offering the fastest, simplest, and most effective way to launch, manage, and maximize Google Ads.

Our artificial intelligence scores and suggests the most effective recommendations to amplify paid advertising through a simple, easy-to-use platform that delivers the results without the extra hours. Ampd is the tool of choice for thousands of leading companies and agencies and counts Shopify, BigCommerce, and Payoneer among its major partners, holding both Google Accelerate and Premier Partner statuses due to its deep and extensive tie-ins with Google Ad technology.

Learn more about Ampd here.

When will I start to see conversions?

We can’t guarantee conversions or have a timeline for when people receive them.

Just remember that everyone’s Google Ads journey is different, but we can help you get started with our free assessment and launching your campaigns.

How much is Ampd? What do I pay for?

Ampd’s Google Ads Assessment and launching a site wide campaign are completely free. (But you will pay for your clicks to Google, as you normally do when using that platform.)

If you have more than a 1x Return on Ad Spend with Shopping Campaigns, you can upgrade to our Ampd Pro service, which includes launching product ads and management from our team, which is $39 a month.

Why can’t I add keywords to the Site Wide Ad?

Our Site Wide campaigns forgo the traditional addition keyword model and instead uses your website content as a starting point—then Ampd optimizes from there.

Need additional clarification? Here is a great article to explain the differences in campaigns.

Feeling empowered? Ampd is here to supercharge your ads.