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Ampd is the simplest and best way to turn
8.5 Billion Google searches a day into
new customers.

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Launch ads

Easily launch Google Ads with Ampd and avoid the hassle of the Google Ads platform

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Automated Attribution 

One-click Attribution set up that provides enhanced tracking and keyword level data

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Made simple

Data science engine packed into a simple UI for profitable campaign management

Automated Attribution  for Amazon

with  automated Google Ads


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Keyword conversion data 

Ampd reveals which keywords are converting allowing customers to improve ACOS

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Attribution across ASINS

Ampd sets tracking across all ASIN variations to account for all sales

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Brand Referral Bonus $$$

Brand owners can earn a bonus up to 10% of product sales from external/Google traffic


35% of Product Searches Start on Google*

With Amazon PPC costs and corporate competition rising, Sellers need to start leveraging Google’s massive influence. Now you can tap into Google’s 5.6 billion searches per day to win more organic sales with Ampd.

*Source: emarketer

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ampd ACOS 1.1


Maximize your budget with keyword level ACOS insights

For the first time in history, Ampd’s new technology lets Sellers optimize Google Ad campaigns using keyword level "add to cart" and "conversion" data from Amazon! Simply pause the keywords that aren’t performing well and focus your budget on the keywords that are.


Amazon pays you up to 10% of revenue from external traffic*

Ampd has unique ability to provide full attribution and tracks Shoppers from Google clicks right through to add-to-carts and final sales.

It doesn’t matter if they click through to one variation and buy another, Ampd is able to attribute the sale to the keyword searched on Google.

When this happens, Amazon pays you up to 10% (on average) of the sale under their new Brand Referral Program (US only currently).