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Ampd is here to help you create, launch, and maximize effective Google Ads for free.

If you're already set up in Google Ads or need to begin from scratch—no worries, Ampd will walk you through the steps needed to ramp up in your journey toward efficiently making money with your ad spend.

Just sync Ampd with your shop to get started and get up to $150 in Google Ads credit.

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What's Included

Aside from our free Google Ads Audit to take stock of where you are in your journey and learn the best next steps, Ampd helps you see how your campaigns are performing and provides ongoing recommendations on how to improve.

  • Google Ads assessment and action list
  • Integrated Google Ads education
  • Launch one site wide campaign
  • Ad performance dashboard reporting

Additional Features

  • Up to $150 in Google Ads credit for new accounts
  • Walkthrough prompts and videos
  • Guides to tracking conversion and revenue
  • Launching effective campaigns with a few clicks
  • Education on amplifying success

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