The Online Marketer's Guide to 2019 Holidays

The new year means a fresh start for eCommerce companies to plan for the abundance of holidays and opportunities for marketing campaigns. But where do you start?! With so many holidays (or simply big events that lend themselves to marketing plays) throughout the year, it is normal, and logical, to feel somewhat overwhelmed when you sit down to plan.

Because of this, we prepared a handy guide with eCommerce holidays throughout 2019 that we feel you can take advantage of. Want a printable version of all the holidays? We've got you covered, too!

Q1 2019

January 2019

21 January - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

February 2019

2 February - Groundhog Day

3 February - Superbowl Sunday

14 February - Valentine’s Day

18 February - Presidents’ Day

March 2019

17 March - St. Patrick’s Day

Q2 2019

April 2019

1 April - April Fools’ Day

21 April - Easter

22 April - Earth Day

May 2019

12 May - Mother’s Day

27 May - Memorial Day

June 2019

16 June - Father’s Day

Q3 2019

July 2019

4 July - Independence Day

August 2019

August + September - Back to School Months

September 2019

2 September - Labor Day

Q4 2019

October 2019

31 October - Halloween

November 2019

11 November - Veteran’s Day

28 November - Thanksgiving Day

29 November - Black Friday

December 2019

2 December - Cyber Monday

21 December - Super Saturday

25 December - Christmas

26 December - Boxing Day

31 December - New Year’s Eve

With these dates in mind, feel free to experiment with your promotions and campaigns. Even if your eCommerce website does not offer holiday-related products or services, you can still create themed campaigns to join the online celebrations (and in-person, we hope!). Check out these amazing holiday campaigns from leading eCommerce brands like REI, Nordstrom, and Target for inspiration.

Remember that not only do you have to plan each campaign, but you must also evaluate their effectiveness and ROI at the end. And, while the 2019 holiday season is far in the future it’s always better to be prepared well in advance, because the year goes by fast. Refer to Metricstory’s guide on how to prepare for the holiday season, and then use analytics tools to establish your KPIs and measure your ROI.

Be sure to download our simple 2019 Holiday Calendar, too, and hang it in your office so you don't forget a single holiday. Reach out to us if you need help getting started!

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