Metricstory Welcomes Tom Gonser to Board of Directors

Metricstory announced the addition of Tom Gonser, Founder of DocuSign and Partner at Seven Peaks Ventures, to its Board of Directors this month.

"We are thrilled to have Tom on our Board as we launch our next stage of growth, improving sales velocity and business clarity for our partners,” said Joshua Gebhardt, CEO and Co-Founder of Metricstory. “Tom's unique vision for simplifying complex business processes aligns with our mission. His experience scaling SaaS businesses will provide immense value as we continue to build our platform that automates business analysis and optimization.”

Gonser is a Partner at Seven Peaks Ventures, focusing on early-stage technology companies in the northwest. Tom is also the Founder of DocuSign, a global cloud-based electronic signature and System of Agreement platform which went public in 2018. Today DocuSign has over 450,000 customers and is the global standard. Prior to DocuSign, Tom founded several other companies in the Seattle area, after starting out with category creators Apple and AT&T in his early career.

“Metricstory’s innovative and actionable approach to eCommerce analytics goes beyond the depth and breadth of any other solution on the market,” said Gonser. “I’m excited to serve on the Board, bringing value to this group of leaders as we help the company reach its full potential in this category-creating space.”

With several product features added in the last few months, including the powerful, automated SEM Audit that constantly identifies inefficient spending in Google Ads and Shopping across all attribution models and conversion paths, the Metricstory team is looking toward another landmark year in both company growth and product innovation.

Metricstory’s Board of Directors consists of five members with the appointment of Gonser.


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