Amazon Attribution Update Notification


**Your active Ampd-Google Ads campaigns have not changed. They are all working 100% normally and generating the same sales for your Amazon products as they have been. However, you may not be seeing all of your conversions due to an update from Amazon’s Attribution API. Once again, the advertising and tagging Ampd has launched and is actively optimizing is all working, but final are just not being reported, temporarily.**

Ampd has been working with the Amazon Attribution team hour by hour to fix these Amazon issues and back-fill the missing conversions. This issue affects any Amazon Seller using Amazon Attribution API reporting.

This particular Amazon API update is only affecting the Amazon Attribution API’s “reporting”. Your Ampd ads and sales are still actively working including receiving your Brand Referral Bonus (BRB) that Ampd applies when your campaigns are launched. However, the “reporting” of those sales and add-to-carts has been temporarily affected. The result is that until the reporting has been backfilled you might notice significantly underreported sales and add-to-carts, and possibly even show no sales in reporting. Rest assured your business and sales are still moving on schedule just as well as they were before this reporting outage, as only the “reporting” has been affected. 

As Amazon’s Premier Attribution partner, we not only identified this issue for them, but we are also actively working with their engineering team to build a solution for the immediate fix and a stable solution for the long term, so you will continue to get the best, most accurate data, and are able to continue leveraging external traffic to grow your business. 

While reporting for your conversions will ultimately be corrected and backfilled, due to the outage, for now ALL Attribution reporting including Sales, ROAS, and ACoS, should be considered severely under-reported if not completely missing, and NOT reflective of the actual conversions and sales that are occurring. To be clear: External Google Ads traffic driven by Ampd is still actively driving sales and conversions.

The Amazon Attribution team apologized again and are taking rapid steps to backfill the data. This issue has been escalated by our team to the highest leadership in the Amazon Attribution team who has assured us they are working overtime to finalize their update and back fill the conversions in reporting and are currently targeting a reporting fix date of 5/6/2022.

We understand this is frustrating, but also comes with the territory of being at the leading edge of Amazon Attribution and a first mover to leverage external traffic. Across the board we continue to see Google Ads be a highly effective way to bring in new customers and sales to Amazon store owners not to mention additional organic sales, and be one of the single best ways to get ahead of competition in 2022. This will continue to be a leading lever for accelerating marketplace sales in 2022 and 2023 especially as Amazon rolls their Attribution out of beta and into General Availability (GA).

In the meantime (and only temporarily) if you are interested in keeping track of all the value Ampd is delivering your store and products, please be sure to check your TOTAL sales in Seller Central since launching Ampd and compare that with an equal and similar time frame prior to leveraging Ampd, to see the impact and value Ampd has been creating.
This will also demonstrate TACOS and the halo impact Ampd traffic has had on your business.

We will continue to keep you updated as this situation is being resolved. Thank you again for being Ampd customers and part of the growing Ampd global community. We really appreciate you and your business. Thank you again for your patience and wherever you are in the world, please enjoy rest, friends and family for at least some of it!




Joshua Gebhardt

Founder and CEO