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Turn 3 Billion Daily Google Product Searches Into Sales

Ampd is the Most Powerful G2A Solution on the Planet

  • Increased Marketshare
  • Higher Product Rankings
  • Lower Ad Costs
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Want to Win on Amazon? Put Google Ads in the Game.

With Amazon PPC costs and corporate competition rising, Sellers need to start leveraging Google’s massive influence.

  • 35% of product searches begin on Google
  • 51% of shoppers surveyed say they use Google to research (Bloomberg)
  • Amazon spends $5 billion a year on Google Ads because it works
  • 3 billion product searches per day originate on Google
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Powered by Data Science. Managed by Experts.
ROI on Steroids.

Ampd Pro brings your brand the power of cross channel, keyword-level attribution, combined 25 years of Google Ads expertise.
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Keyword conversion data 

Ampd reveals which keywords are converting allowing customers to improve ACOS


Attribution across ASINS

Ampd sets tracking across all ASIN variations to account for all sales


Automated Optimizations

Ampd automates keyword action to guarantee the best results

The Supercharged Google Ads Solution

For Amazon Sellers and Agencies

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Sign up for Ampd Pro and have the Ampd Pro team help you get started today

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Ad Agencies

To successfully scale Google Ads to your clients, Talk to an Ampd Agency Expert

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To meet the needs of your scaling enterprise, Talk to an Ampd Enterprise Expert

Built with Google. Amazon Ads Verified Partner.
Trusted by Sellers.

Ampd is the leader in bringing Google Ads shoppers to Amazon, opening the door to increased revenue, higher brand and product rankings, and reduced ad costs.
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Watch Your ROI Grow From The Ampd Dashboard

For the first time in history, Ampd’s new technology lets Sellers optimize Google Ad campaigns using keyword level "add to cart" and "conversion" data from Amazon! Simply pause the keywords that aren’t performing well and focus your budget on the keywords that are.  

Need Another Reason to Get Ampd? We’ll Give You Two

Maximize Incentives from Both Google and Amazon

$500 in Ad Credits from Google

When you create a new ad account with Google, you are eligible for $500 in ad credits, right out the gate.

Qualify For a Brand Referral Credit from Amazon

Ampd’s unique ability to fully attribute Google clicks to Amazon sales maximizes this credit, offsets your advertising expenses, and increases ROI. 

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